Recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library

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List of recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library

This page contains a list of all the Folger Shakespeare Library’s early modern English manuscript recipe books, with links to their catalogue records, full-text searchable images, and transcriptions available as plain text documents and as PDF reading copies. This page is frequently updated as new resources become available.

Last updated May 10, 2023, with the addition of 15 new FAST ACC records.

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Call Number Creator(s) Title Year(s) Reading copy Plain text document (download) Image/transcription Transcribers
Bd.w. A1767 Miscellaneous collection of receipts [manuscript] 1688? PDF DOCX Bd.w. A1767.jpg usernames
E.a.1 Miscellany, probably kept by members of a family in Ledbury, Herefordshire [manuscript] 1550-1590 (approximately) PDF DOCX E.a.1.jpg usernames
E.a.4 Receipt book [manuscript] 1700 (approximately) PDF DOCX E.a.4.jpg usernames
E.a.5 Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London Medical miscellany [manuscript] 1634 (approximately) PDF DOCX E.a.5.jpg usernames
V.a.7 Buckhurst, Jane, of Sutton Valence Cookbook of Jane Buckhurst [manuscript] 1653 PDF DOCX V.a.7.jpg usernames
V.a.8 Cromwell, L., 17th cent. Cookbook of L. Cromwell [manuscript] 1600s PDF DOCX V.a.8.jpg usernames
V.a.19 Cookbook [manuscript] 1600s V.a.19.jpg usernames
V.a.20 Hall, Constance, fl. 1672. Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript] 1672 PDF DOCX V.a.20.jpg usernames
V.a.21 Pharmaceutical and cookery recipes [manuscript] 1675 (approximately) V.a.21.jpg usernames
V.a.125 A book of verses collected by me, R. Dungarvan (with recipes) [manuscript] 1630 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.125.jpg usernames
V.a.140 Baley, Walter, 1529-1592. Blundell, Richard, active 16th century. Receipt book [manuscript] 1600 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.140.jpg usernames
V.a.215 Packe, Susanna, fl. 1674. Cookbook of Susanna Packe [manuscript] 1674 PDF DOCX V.a.215.jpg usernames
V.a.260 Miscellany [manuscript] 1613 to 1756 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.260.jpg usernames
V.a.347 Phillips, Dorothy A sermon book with culinary and medical recipes [manuscript] 1616 to 1617 PDF DOCX V.a.347.jpg usernames
V.a.361-362 A book of receipts which was given me by several men for several causes, griefs and diseases . . . [manuscript] 1625 to 1700 (approximately) V.a.361-362.jpg usernames
V.a.364 Webster, Nicholas, fl. 1650 Certain profitable and well experienced collections for making conserve of fruits . . . as also of surgery, approved medicines . . . [manuscript] 1650 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.364.jpg usernames
V.a.387 Packer, Katherine, fl. 1639 A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript] 1639 V.a.387.jpg usernames
V.a.388 Corlyon, Mrs., fl. 1660 A booke of such medicines as have been approved by the speciall practize of Mrs. Corlyon [manuscript] 1606 (approximately) V.a.388.jpg usernames
V.a.396 Patrick, Penelope, 1646-1725 Receipt book of Penelope Jephson [manuscript] 1671 to 1675 PDF DOCX V.a.396.jpg usernames
V.a.397 Brown, Katherine, fl. 1650-1662, compiler Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript] 1650 to 1662 (approximately) V.a.397.jpg usernames
V.a.398 Slee, Andrew, 1629 or 1630- compiler Medicinal recipes compiled by Andrew Slee [manuscript] 1654 V.a.398.jpg usernames
V.a.401 Staveley, Jane, 17th century Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript] 1693 to 1694 PDF DOCX V.a.401.jpg usernames
V.a.425 Longe, Sarah, fl. 1610 Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript] 1610 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.425.jpg usernames
V.a.429 Kendall, Rose, active 1682. Cater, Anne, 1651 or 1652-. Clarke, Elizabeth, active 17th-18th century. Bold, Anna Maria, 1708- Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1675 to 1750 (approximately) V.a.429.jpg usernames
V.a.430 Granville family Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family from Worcestershire and Cadiz [manuscript] 1640 to 1750 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.430.jpg usernames
V.a.434 Smith, Ann, fl. 1698 Cookbook of Ann Smith, Reading [manuscript] 1698 PDF DOCX V.a.434.jpg usernames
V.a.450 Pudsey, Lettice, fl. 1675 Cookery book of Lettice Pudsey, Seisdon, Staffordshire [manuscript] 1675 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.450.jpg usernames
V.a.452 Sheppey, Thomas, fl. 1675 A book of choice receipts collected from several famous authors a great part in monasteries and often experimented as to a great number of them [manuscript] 1675 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.452.jpg usernames
V.a.456 Baumfylde, Mary, fl. 1626 Medicinal and cookery recipes of Mary Baumfylde [manuscript] 1626, 1702 to 1758 PDF DOCX V.a.456.jpg usernames
V.a.458 Medicinal, household and cookery recipes [manuscript] 1650 to 1700 (approximately) V.a.458.jpg usernames
V.a.468 Fowler, Elizabeth, fl. 1684 Cookbook of Elizabeth Fowler [manuscript] 1684 PDF DOCX V.a.468.jpg usernames
V.a.490 King, John, 1696-1728 Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript] 1625 to 1725 (approximately) V.a.490.jpg usernames
V.a.540 Bathings, Thomas Pattern and medical receipt book of Thomas Bathings [manuscript] 1708 to 1710
V.a.544 item 2 Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1688 (approximately) V.a.544 item 2.jpg usernames
V.a.561 Cookeries [manuscript] 1600s, late (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.561.jpg usernames
V.a.562 Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1600s PDF DOCX V.a.562.jpg usernames
V.a.563 Medicinal, household and cookery receipts [manuscript]. 1600s to 1700s PDF DOCX V.a.563.jpg usernames
V.a.600 Castleton, Grace Saunderson, Viscountess, d. 1667 The Lady Grace Castleton's booke of receipts [manuscript] 1600s PDF DOCX V.a.600.jpg usernames
V.a.612 Carr, Anne, active 1674, compiler Choyce receits collected out of the book of receits, of the Lady Vere Wilkinson [manuscript] / begun to be written by the Right Honble the Lady Anne Carr, Jan. 28 1673/4 1674 to 1770 V.a.612.jpg usernames
V.a.619 Baker, Margaret Receipt book of Margaret Baker [manuscript] 1675 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.619.jpg usernames
V.a.621 Bacon, Catherine, 1660-1757, author Receipt book of Catherine Bacon [manuscript] 1680 to 1739 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.621.jpg usernames
V.a.630 Manuscript cookery book [manuscript] 1675 to 1686 (approximately) V.a.630.jpg usernames
V.a.669 Cordial waters simple waters and syrrups [manuscript] 1680 PDF DOCX V.a.699.jpg usernames
V.a.672 Spurgeon, Leonard English 17th century manuscript book of recipes, remedies and household notes [manuscript] 1656 (approximately) V.a.672.jpg usernames
V.a.677 Receipts in Cookery &c: , Somerset, England?[manuscript] 1660 to 1685 (approximately) V.a.677b.jpg usernames
V.a.680 Receipt book [manuscript] 1690 to 1750 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.a.680.jpg usernames
V.a.681 Shirley, Dorothy, 1683-1721, compiler Recipe book [manuscript] 1694 (approximately) PDF Rebecca Laroche
V.a.682 Smith, Mary Culinary and medicinal recipe book of Mary Smith [manuscript] 1662 (approximately) V.a.682b.jpg usernames
V.a.683 Miscellaneous Receipts [manuscript] 1709-1727? V.a.683b.jpg usernames
V.a.684 Hutson, Beulah Receipt book [manuscript] 1680 (approximately) V.a.684b.jpg usernames
V.a.685 Receipt book [manuscript] 1700s (approximately) V.a.685.jpg usernames
V.a.686 Manuscript cookery book [manuscript] 1680 to 1720 (approximately) V.a.686.jpg usernames
V.a.697 Receipt book [manuscript] 1660s to 1680s (approximately) V.a.697b.jpg usernames
V.b.13 Cookbook [manuscript] 1678 to 1689 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.b.13.jpg usernames
V.b.14 Dawson, Jane, 17th cent. Cookbook of Jane Dawson [manuscript] 1600s (late) V.b.14.jpg usernames
V.b.129 De Feckenham, John, 1515?-1585, compiler This book of sovereign medicines against the most common and known diseases ... collected of Master Doctor Feckenham, late Abbot of Westminster [manuscript] 1600 (approximately) V.b.129.jpg usernames
V.b.272 Receipt book [manuscript] 1700 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.b.272.jpg usernames
V.b.273 Receipts in cookery and medicine [manuscript] 1700 (approximately) V.b.273.jpg usernames
V.b.286 Pharmaceutical recipes, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire [manuscript] 2690, 1750 to 1870 (approximately) V.b.286.jpg usernames
V.b.301 Randolph, Grace, 1674-1750 Cookbook of Grace Blome, Kent [manuscript] 1697 V.b.301.jpg usernames
V.b.316 M. W. Cookery and medicinal recipes of M.W. [manuscript] 1700 to 1850 (approximately) V.b.316.jpg usernames
V.b.342 Hookes, Mary, fl. 1680 Receipt book of Mary Hookes [manuscript] 1675 to 1725 (approximately) V.b.342.jpg usernames
V.b.363 Receipt book [manuscript] 1679 to 1694 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.b.363.jpg usernames
V.b.366 Winch, Rebecca, d. 1713 Receipt book of Rebeckah Winche [manuscript] 1666 (approximately) PDF DOCX V.b.366.jpg usernames
V.b.380 English cookery and medicine book, [manuscript] 1677 to 1711 (approximately) V.b.380.jpg usernames
V.b.399 Culinary manuscript compilation [manuscript] 1680 to 1690 (approximately) V.b.399b.jpg usernames
V.b.400 Receipt book [manuscript] 1600s (late) to 1700s (early) V.b.400b.jpg usernames
W.a.87 Cookbook [manuscript] 1700s (early) W.a.87.jpg usernames
W.a.111 Cookbook [manuscript] 1706 (approximately) W.a.111.jpg usernames
W.a.112 Eyre, Margaret, b. 1686? Cook-book of Margaret Turner [manuscript] 1709 (approximately) W.a.112.jpg usernames
W.a.113 Langley, Elizabeth, fl. 1757 Cookbook of Elizabeth Langley [manuscript] 1757 PDF DOCX W.a.113.jpg usernames
W.a.136 Smith, Elizabeth, fl. 1749-1800 Receipt book of Elizabeth Smith [manuscript] 1749 to 1800 (approximately) W.a.136.jpg usernames
W.a.283 Stevens family. Warwick family. Receipt book, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire [manuscript] 1704 to 1787 (approximately) PDF DOCX W.a.283.jpg usernames
W.a.302 Webb, Jane, fl. ca. 1725-ca. 1750 Cookery book of Jane Webb, compiled by several people [manuscript] 1725 to 1750 (approximately) PDF DOCX W.a.302.jpg usernames
W.a.303 Mallett family. Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family, Northamptonshire [manuscript]. 1700 to 1740 (approximately) and 1882 PDF DOCX W.a.303.jpg usernames
W.a.311 Johnston, Mrs., compiler Receipts for cookery and pastry work [manuscript] 1700 (approximately) PDF DOCX W.a.311.jpg usernames
W.a.315 Stone, Dorothy, fl. 1725 Receipt book of Dorothy Stone [manuscript] 1725 (approximately) PDF DOCX W.a.315.jpg usernames
W.a.317 Cookbook [manuscript] 1700 to 1775 (approximately) W.a.317.jpg usernames
W.a.318 Pennyman, Dorothy, 1698 or 9-1754, compiler Cookery and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1730 (approximately) W.a.318.jpg usernames
W.a.332 Goodenough, Ann, fl. 1700-1775. Cookery book of Ann Goodenough [manuscript] 1700 to 1775 (approximately) PDF DOCX W.a.332.jpg usernames
W.b.79 Knight, Mrs., fl. 1740 Mrs. Knight's receipt book [manuscript] 1740 W.b.79.jpg usernames
W.b.98 Cookbook [manuscript] 1725 (approximately) W.b.98.jpg usernames
W.b.100 Cookbook [manuscript] 1720 (approximately) W.b.100.jpg usernames
W.b.102 Puleston, Mary, d. 1764, compiler Cookbook of Mary Puleston [manuscript] 1764 (before) W.b.102.jpg usernames
W.b.103 Payne, Valert, 18th cent. Cook-book of Valert Payne [manuscript] 1700s W.b.103.jpg usernames
W.b.456 Vesey, Lettis, fl. ca. 1725 Cookery book of Lettis Vesey [manuscript] 1725 (approximately) W.b.456.jpg usernames
W.b.653 Cookbook [manuscript] 1720 (approximately) W.b.653.jpg usernames
W.b.668 Kirk, Rachel Mrs. Rachel Kirk Book 1707 [manuscript] 1707 W.b.668.jpg usernames
X.d.24 Cruso, Mary, fl. 1689. Cookbook of Mary Cruso and Timothy Cruso [manuscript], 1689 September 5. 1689 PDF DOCX X.d.24.jpg usernames
X.d.457 (1-19) Staveley, Jane, 17th century Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript] 1693 to 1694 X.d.457.jpg usernames
X.d.469 Medical recipes [manuscript] 1625 (approximately) X.d.469.jpg usernames
X.d.602 Recipes for ale [manuscript] 1600s PDF DOCX X.d.602.jpg usernames
X.d.738 Perssehouse, Richard. Bifolium miscellany of medical, domestic, and veterinary receipts [manuscript], Belhall 1643 PDF DOCX X.d.738.jpg usernames
X.d.742 Receipt for a medical broth for purifying the blood, [manuscript], c1690 1690 (approximately) PDF DOCX X.d.742.jpg usernames
X.d.743 Receipt for the gout [manuscript], c1690 1690 (approximately) PDF DOCX X.d.743.jpg usernames
X.d.745 Receipt for making gooseberry and currant wine [manuscript], c1690 1690 (approximately) PDF DOCX X.d.745.jpg usernames
X.d.746 Rreceipt for making a plaister using oyl of olives, half and ounce of opium dissovled in a little brandy, whale ambergris, and other herbs. "this is above all wishing the good efforts of this to my good friend J. W." [manuscript], c1690 1690 (approximately) PDF DOCX X.d.746.jpg usernames
X.d.750 Mosay, M., creator Receipt for sciatica 1700 (approximately) PDF DOCX X.d.750.jpg usernames
X.d.751 Receipt for scurvy grass ale [manuscript], ca. 18th century 1700s PDF DOCX X.d.751.jpg usernames
Y.d.77 (1) Recipes [manuscript] 1765 (approximately) PDF DOCX Y.d.77 (1).jpg usernames
Y.d.77 (2) Recipes [manuscript] 1765 (approximately) PDF DOCX Y.d.77 (2).jpg usernames
V.a.671 Ornesby, Henry et al Pocketbook with veterinary recipes, Lanchester, County Durham [manuscript] 1656 to 1727 (approximately)
V.a.674 English cookery and medicine [manuscript] 1670
V.a.675 Lyford, Mary Medical and cookery recipes [manuscript] 1665 (approximately)
V.a.677 Manuscript cookery book [manuscript] 1600s (late)
V.a.678 Manuscript cookery book [manuscript] 1600s to 1700s
V.a.704 Thayer, John Receipt book [manuscript] 1600s (approximately)
V.b.381 Receipt book, [manuscript] 1690s (approximately)
W.a.521 Spearman, John, author English receipts & notes on celestial and terrestrial globes [manuscript] 1689 to 1703
W.a.527 Receipt book [manuscript] 1710 (approximately)
FAST ACC 270959 Halliday, Molly Receipt book [manuscript] 1660 to 1720
FAST ACC 271103 Napkyn, Hugh A booke conteyning divers excellent & approoved remedyes in phisique and chyrugery [manuscript] 1630s
FAST ACC 271199 Receipt book [manuscript] 1700s
FAST ACC 271237 Bragge family Receipt book [manuscript] 1688 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271240 Buckworth, Elizabeth and Thomas Accounts and culinary and medicinal recipes, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire [manuscript] 1670-1700 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271242 Receipt book [manuscript] 1600s
FAST ACC 271390 Banner, Susanna Receipt book, 2 vols. [manuscript] 1707
FAST ACC 271399 Handley, Hanah Receipt book [manuscript] 1695 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271774 Jackson, Sarah Receipt book of Mrs Sarah Jackson [manuscript] 1688 to 1755 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271794 Receipt book [manuscript] 1740 to 1770 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271764 Jordason, Elizabeth Receipt book [manuscript] 1734
FAST ACC 271765 A Collection of excellent Medicines, Balsames, Plaisters Salves, &c: the contents Whereof are exprest in the next page [manuscript] 1715 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271790 Hoo, Susanna Receipt book [manuscript] 1654
FAST ACC 271848 Collection of 11 recipes [manuscript] 1700s
FAST ACC 271931 Jodrell, Ann Receipt book [manuscript] 1776 (approximately)
FAST ACC 271936 Hitch, Miss and Polley Lee Receipt book, Yorkshire [manuscript] 1600s to 1700s
FAST ACC 272069 Receipt book [manuscript] 1726 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272070 Turner, Sarah Receipt book [manuscript] 1658 to 1755 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272056 Lansdowne, Mrs, of Woodbourough Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1700s (approximately)
FAST ACC 272071 Edwards, Mary Edward Kidder's engraved recipes with manuscript recipes added [manuscript] 1700s (approximately)
FAST ACC 272112 Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1600s (late)
FAST ACC 272146 Astry, Diana Receipt book [manuscript] 1701 to 1708 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272179 Whittaker family of Herefordshire Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1710-1720 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272188 Melish, Mrs. S, and others Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1700s (approximately)
FAST ACC 272257 Duff, Peggy and Margaret Culinary recipes, Scottish [manuscript] 1730-1736
FAST ACC 272495 Book of divers excellent and sondry Receipts ... for household medical use [manuscript] 1600s (late)
FAST ACC 272498 Strangmen, Sarah and Elizabeth Culinary and medicinal recipes, Irish [manuscript] 1720s-1750s
FAST ACC 272511 Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1700s (late)
FAST ACC 272513 Welby, Mary Recipe Books of all Kinds (Denton Manor, Lincolnshire) [manuscript] 1712 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272515 Evans family Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1710-1720
FAST ACC 272588 Brodnax, Ann Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1728-1787
FAST ACC 272589 Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1700s (early)
FAST ACC 272601 Aylesford, Mary Finch, Countess of Cookery and confectionary / Medicinal [manuscript] 1735 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272728 Clarke, Sir Edward Bills of Fare and culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1696-1697
FAST ACC 272795 Briggs family Culinary and medicinal recipes [manuscript] 1700-1740s (approximately)
FAST ACC 272829 Crumuell, Mrs Culinary and household recipes, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire [manuscript] 1690-1700 (approximately)
FAST ACC 272834 Williams, Anne Culinary and medicinal recipes, Halkyn, Wales [manuscript] 1690
[1] acc number not yet assigned Ledgard, Hanna Her booke of receipts [manuscript] 1710