Transcribed manuscripts

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The following list represents manuscript materials from the Folger Shakespeare Library collection that have been transcribed on Folgerpedia. Transcriptions were created for various Exhibitions at the Folger, Practical Paleography associated with the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project, and transcribathons associated with EMMO. The list will be updated periodically to include transcriptions as they are created. Transcriptions are available to view and search on the EMMO site

Allowance of £58 to Thomas Reve, upon His petition, 1568 March 27, X.d.329
An Ephemeris of the Certifiable Causes of the Commission of the Peace from June 1580, X.d.249
A Semi-Diplomatic Transcription of Selections from the John Ward Diaries, vol. 9 (1662-1663), V.a.292
Bacon Townshend collection 'To Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend)
Bargain and sale of seven upper rooms in the Blackfriars to James Burbage L.b.356
By-Laws of the Borough of Warwick, Warwickshire, 1571-1664, Z.d.10
Charge for Goodwife Ivery, 1587, L.f.218
Cookbook of Grace Blome, 1697 V.b.301
Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family, ca. 1640 – ca. 1750 V.a.430
Copy of speeches made by Sir Nicholas Bacon before Parliament, the Star Chamber and elsewhere, ca. 1600, V.a.143
Court paper of the Manorial Court for the court leet and court baron of the manor of Henley-in Arden, Warwickshire, 1616 October 23, V.b.86
Customs of copyholders, Sir John Ferrers vs. Richard Creswell, ca.1620, L.e.967
Diaries of Richard Stonley, 1581-1598, V.a.459-V.a.461
Diaries of Richard Stonley, ca.1581–1598 V.a.460, 4v–5r
Expenses of the Diet Provided during Easter Term, 1591, X.d.98
Giles Lodges lute book miscellany, V.a.159
Justice’s handbook, ca. 1575, V.a.247
Lady Anne Kerr manuscript receipt book circa 1674
Legal opinion concerning the right of a Lieutenant of the Tower, 1620, L.b.669
Letter from Andrew Marvell to Sir Henry Thompson, 1675 June 26, V.a.664
Letter from Henry Michell, Clements Inn, London, to Sir Humphrey Ferrers, Walton, 1605 May 1, L.e.578
Letter from John Lord, London, to Sir Humphrey Ferrers, Walton, 1597 June 2, L.e.568
Letter from Lewis Bagot to Walter Bagot, 1604 November 20, L.a.64
Letter from Lewis Bagot to Walter Bagot, November 10, 1604 L.a.63
Letter from Sir John Popham to Robert Redmayne, copy, 1599 June 20, L.d.477
Letter from Walter Bagot to an unnamed knight, ca. 1620, L.a.156
Letter from William Bagot (Walter's son), Oxford, to Walter Bagot, 1619 November 7, L.a.176
Letter from William Bagot to Walter Bagot, 1622/3 February 27, L.a.182
Letter from William Yelverton to Nathaniel Bacon, 1604 April 9, L.d.636
List of bonds at Sir Roger Townshend's death, ca.1591, L.d.856
List of Jurors in the Case of Thomas Whiston, Defendant, v. Thomas Smyth, Plaintiff, L.a.1067
Love letter from Philip Williams to Elizabeth Nalson circa 1680
Manuscript book on heraldry compiled ca.1604 - ca.1615
Menu for Lent assizes, ca. 1620, L.f.45
Miscellany of Henry Oxinden, ca. 1642-1670 V.b.110
Oath of a Serjeant at Law, 1577, X.d.122(4)
Order to Sir Nathaniel Bacon in the Case of Edwards, Plaintiff v. Grigges, Defendant, 14 November 1604, L.d.739
Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire, 1428-1671 (bulk 1557-1671) L.a.1-1076
Papers of the Rattray family of Craighall, 1593–1699 X.c.61
Petition Against Lady Bacon and Sir Owen Smith, ca. 1630, L.d.639
Poetical and Prose Miscellany ca.1580-1800 V.a.307
Poetical miscellany circa 1640 V.a.245
Sketch Map, Derbyshire, ca. 1550, L.e.144
Tenants' petition to Sir Roger Townshend, January 20, ca. 1550–1600, L.d.839
The Book of magic, ca.1577–1583 V.b.26, page 51
The Commonplace book of Matthew Day ca.1650 V.a.160 pages 2, 3, 4 and 5
The Famous histories of the Seven Champions of Christendom V.a.139
The Inconstant Lady ca.1630 J.b.1 2v-3r
The will of Edward Grant, 1601 Z.e.40 (4)
To Richard Bagot, Langley L.a.190
Topographical Descriptions, Regiments and Policies by Edmund Tilney 25r
Treatises on English Law, 1576, V.b.9
Will of William Meyrick, parson of St. Michael's, April 1611, L.f.398