Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family, ca. 1640 – ca. 1750 V.a.430

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Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of various leaves in Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family, Folger manuscript V.a.430. The transcriptions were originally created as part of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO. As these are basic transcriptions, line rulings from the manuscript and larger size letters for the recipe titles are not shown. To access an image of the original leaf, click on each transcription's heading.

p. 54&59

To make Doctor Buggs Sirrup of Violett
Take Violetts picked and cutt and put them into
a deepe gally pott, then heat water seething hott
euen ready to boile but it must not boile, and poure in
as much of that water into the Violettes, as when the-
Violettes are sunck you may presse a spoonfull of water
over them, then couer the pot close with double paper
and sett it in warme embers, but take heed they bee
not too hott for if they bee it will spoile the coulor
of the Iuice, let the pot stand in the embers, about
18 or 21 howers then presse them out as hard as you
can, and take to a pint of Iuice almost 3 poundes
of double refined suger, beaten and serced, then mix
the Iuice and suger well together, you must not lett
the Iuice come into any mettall, but put it into the
same, or other stone pott, which couer close with paper
picked full of holes, soe sett the pott into a skillett
of cold water, setting it one the fire to boile till the
sirrup hath a white crust on the top of it which
crust take not off for that will keepe the coulor of
the sirrup, when you haue occasion to spend any
of itt make a little hole in the Crust, and poure out
the sirrup throughout itt. =//=//=/

An Approoued medicine for the Hickockes

Take such a proporcion of warme milke from the cow
as the party is in case to take, for it may bee administred
to one very weake, giuing itt to them very often if need
soe require.

To make Paracelsus plaister

Take 6 ounces of sallad oyle, one ounce and halfe of
bee wax, 4 ounces and halfe of lithridge of gold, one ounce
of Amoniacum, and one ounce of Bdelium; Galbanum,-
opopanax, and oyle of baies of each of these 2 drams; two
drams of tapis calliminaris; two drams of Aristolochia;
both long and round, two drams of mirrhe, and two drams
of frankincense, and one ounce of Venice Turpentine, the
powders to bee beaten seuerally, first powder the lithridge
of gold, and searce it very fine then boile itt with the
wax and oyle till itt will not sticke to your finger
being cold, Then before it be cold putt to your
gummes, but first dissolue them together in white
wine vinegre, and straine them into itt, lastly
ad to itt the powder, the oyle of Baies and the
Turpentine soe make itt vp into Rolls. &c===