The Inconstant Lady ca.1630 J.b.1 2v-3r

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Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of an extract from The Inconstant Lady ca.1630 J.b.1. 2v-3r
This was originally created as part of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

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The Sceane Burdundye.
The names of the Actors.
The Duke of Burgundye.
Busiro A great lord.
Pantarbo his sonne.
Emilia A lady.
Cloris sister to Emilia
Lauia woman to Emilia
Aramant A louer
Millecert his Brother.
Trebutio} freinds [..] Aramant
Tonsus} two Courtiers
Romilia A Baude.

Actus Primus.
Antonio Trebutio.
Treb: Who's that Antonio? well mett
Anto: Trebutio,
thou art as welcome; for ti's rare to see
in this Age friendship meet so happily,
Here's neither Cringes nor Curuetts to make
An Asse vnloade his bich and burthenous tongue
in durtie Complement
Treb: No! that's a posture
for your lip mouch & that are all meere out side,
whose tongues do wander so farr from the hart,
that they are faire to stoope to't.
Anto: I am angry,to see the guiddy World run thus on wheeles,
in such vntoward tracks, guided by men
that haue their greatnes more in noise then Nature;
whose Couert plotts should they but view the light
Wo'd reack the Axeltree, and though they breake it
Wee dare not say they do't; o' thirst of Gold,
and honor, how it tongue tyes Vertue, goodnes,
and (like a violent working med'cine) runs
through all the Body pollitique, and makes
each member quitt his naturall offices,
to entertaine diseases.
Treb: Tis a plague
raignes euery where, what Citty is so free
from theise wild rages? where not freindship onley,
or Consanguinity of bloud, but Bonds
of sacred wedlock are not violated
by this Corrupted mettle?
Anto: Nay the Aulters
prophan'd with such poluted hands as haue
No other God bu their admired mammon.
Who doe not blush themselues to act those Crimes
they raile against
Trev: But how com'st thou turn'd Satire? 'tis not thy humour
Anto: It wo'd burst Stoick
to see such folly: He goe nere home, now And talke of that which moues this anger in mee,
or freind's vndon/