The will of Edward Grant, 1601 Z.e.40 (4)

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Below is a basic semi-diplomatic transcription of Folger manuscript Z.e.40 (4), the probate copy of Edward Grant's will. This was created as part
of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

{sheet 1, recto}
In the name of God Amen. The fyve and twentithe daye
of Aprill Anno domini 1601 being St Markes daie I Edwarde Grante doctor
of Divinitie being I thanck my god sound in mynd and perfecte in memory
doe make and ordayne this my last Will and Testament in Manner and
forme followinge. Because it is the dewty of every Christian man wiselye
to sett both his houses in Order before his death thone of the sowle
and conscience to god thother of owtward thinges to the world both
for the quiett of his owne conscience and concord of his friendes
afterwardes Therefore whereas every man consistes of twoe partes
of sowle and body thone receaued from heaven thother from thearth
and from both the heavenly and earthlye knit in one this life
are ordinarily served severed by death that the severall
generall Resurrection daye they may for ever be cont conioyned
to shine in the face of Jesus Christ I thus dispose of bothe Towchinge
my sowle thimmortall and heavenlie partes in me bycause it is a#
heavenly breath and came from heaven, and longeth to heaven againe
to be with god that infused it into my body and with Christ that redeemed
it from death and damnation by his blood, I ffirst and principally
commend it into the hands and mercies of Jesus my gratious saviour
and Redeemer it was stayned by Adams fall from grace through
originall synne but purged by Christ washed and sanctified by Christ
and am fully perswaded was elected by Christe afore all worldes to
be by hym receaved into his heavenly tabernakes, there to have an
everlastinge restinge place amonge his fathers mansions This
hope is layd vp for ^euer euer in my bosome to the assurance of my sowle
against the daye of the Lord Jesus Concerning my bodye
which is the earthlie partes in me bycause it was taken from earth
and must returne to Earthe I commit that to the dust to be
layd in graue in Westminster Churche if I shall happen to ende
my life there or in any other Christian buryall place where it shall
please god to call me at the discretion of my Executrix
Beinge most assured that at the generall Resurrection
day of all fleshe it shall ryse out of the duste of the earthe
and soe copuled againe with my sowle in godes handes that they both
may be for ever glorified in the kyngdome of Eternytye Touchinge
my externall goodes I thus dispose them ffyrst I giue and
bequeath to the poore of Westminster when I haue longe lyud
fyve powndes Item I gyve to the Colledge of Westminster a sylver
Cupp to be made after the fashion of the old cupps of the colledge
with my armes and these wordes abowte it Ex dono Edwardi grante
huius olim Collegis prebandariis and to the Librarye Ortelius booke
of mapps Item I gyve and bequeath to the poore of Toppsfeild
fforty shillinges Item I gyve and bequeath to the poore of Barnet

{sheet two, recto}
forty shillinges Item I giue and bequeath to Suzan Grant my
true and faythfull wife the Lease of the howse in the Church
yard holden of the Deane and Chapter of Westminster taken in
her name and my sonne Gabriel Grante which after his mother
descendeth to hym Item I giue and bequeath to Susanna Dix
my eldest daughter my l lesser gilt salt seller Item I gyve
and bequeath to Mr Doctor Dix my lovinge sonne in lawe a violett
gowne Item I gyve to Sarah Graunt my youngest daughter
to be payd her vppon the daye of her marriage fiftye powndes
together with my the Coppye hold Lande in Toppsfeild Item I
giue and bequeath to Mr Clarenticupp Demosthenes in Greek and
Latyn translated by Wolsius Item I gyve and bequeath to Mr
Thomas Midleton all my Comments vppon Virgill Horatius Juvenall
and such Schoole bookes as he hath of myne with the Annotations vppon
all Tullies Orationes Item I gyve and bequeath to Mr Morris
Pickeringe my true and ^longe lovinge
a litle white silver
bolle to drincke sacke Item I gyve and bequeath to Mr Samuel
Haslewood my affectionate frend a litle silver cupp that the
Bishopp of Chester gaue me Item I gyve and bequeath to John
Graunt my youngest and every obedient sonne all my librarie
of bookes at Westminster and Toppesfield which cost me allmost foure
hundred powndes vppon this condition that he bestowe those bookes
elder brother Gabriell Grante as he beste liketh and that
se paid to his sister Sarah Graunt vppon the daye of her
marriage fortye powndes And if it happen that he dye before
his older brother I doe chardge him to leave them as Legacyes
from hym selfe to Gabryell Graunt his older brother
and that he paye over to his sister Sarah the some of fortye
powndes which his brother John Howle haue done. The vowe
which ^that I aute made for his disobedience in marryinge against
my expresse will forceth me to alter my lovinge affection in this course
of Legacie Item I giue and bequeath to Edwards Grante sonne
of Harry Grante fortye shillinges Item I gyve and
bequeath to Vanite Grante sister to Edward Grante fortye
shillinges Item I gyve to Suzan Grante daughter of Gabriell
Grant fyve powndes Item all my other goodes Cattells plate of
howsholde stuffe ymplementes apparell money I doe gyve and bequeath
to Susan Graunte my deare and lovinge wife whome I make
and ordaine my sole & onely Executrix of this my Laste will and
Testament of whome I craue and desyre as ever there were any
love betweene vs longe before and since of marriage rooted in tender
yeres and never yett ympaired That if she after my death doe
desire not marrye againe but followe me to my grave that she
have a speciall care for the Remembrance of me and her
tender love to them to leave all that she hath to these fowre

{sheet two, verso}
Children remayninge alyve lawfullie begotten of both our bodies
of myne that god gaue vs videlicet to Gabriell Grante John
Grante Suzanna Dix and Sarah Grante And I charge
them all of my blessinge and in godes name to showe all dewty
love kyndnes care to their most deare ^& affectionate Mother
to be a staffe to hir old yeres and rather to comforte her solitary
life with their well doinge then to abridge theire hir tyme by
theire disobedience and lacke of loue Lastly I disyre Mr Morris
Pickeringe and Mr Samuel Hasellwood of Westminster Gentlemen
overseers of this my laste Will and Testment In wittnes
Whereof I haue sette my hand and soule the daye and yere
aboue written By me Edward Grante Wittnesses
serevnt Thomas Midleton William Tubbius Marke./