The Famous histories of the Seven Champions of Christendom V.a.139

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The Contents of the 4 chap.​
of St​ Denis​ Champion of France. the 4 an 5 chap.
How that St​ Denis ​Champion of France,
sought by ^his​ trauills honors to aduance.
And how seuen' yeares, he wore Acteons​ head,
transform'd lik to a Hart thus trauilled:
And how proud Eglantine​ with fame did ring,
(wi​th​ prid, the child of the Thessalian king).
was for hir prid transform'd into a Tree,
bore frute is' called still the Mulberie.
How both recovered their pristine shape,
this Tree had brought to be vnfortunat.
And how they were releued from the Tree,
by St Denis​ horses brauerie.
Chap. the 4​v
Procede My gentille Muse; on with this sglory,
Saint Denis​ still may liue in this thy story.
Sayle gentle pinace: now the Heavens ar cleare
the winds blow fayr; his honors may apeare'.
Tridented Neptune hath forgot to frowne,
the Rocks ar sca'pt; the stormes ar overblowne.
Call now to mind this Champion of France,
who striue his fame and honors to aduance.
After he parted from his dearest frindes,
to bring adventurs, to som famous ends.
He long and tedious Ioyrines trauelled.
Some worthy acts to haue accomplished.
To purchase fame with an Heroick hart
when from the Brasin Piller they did part
As in the former chapter​ you shall find,
departed there with a resolued mind.
From whence he wandered for many dayes,
through many Groves and desprate​ deuious wayes.