Letter from William Bagot (Walter's son), Oxford, to Walter Bagot, 1619 November 7, L.a.176

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Below is a basic semi-diplomatic transcription of a letter from William Bagot of the Bagot Family of Blithfield, Staffordshire, to his father, Walter. The Bagot Family Papers is a large manuscript collection here at the Folger. For more information on the collection, see its Folgerpedia page, consult its Hamnet record, or for basic item-level description, its Finding Aid. This transcription was originally completed as part of the first Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.
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Transcription of L.a.176

Deare father, my humble duti remembred vnto you, the cause of my writeing
vnto you at this time is to certifie you that my bedfelow and I are in good
health I thanke god. I wrote a letter vnto you by Mr Challenor but
which went vp to london with my cosin Crumpton but I cannot tell
whether you haue receaued it or no. I haue sent you by this barer
a pen knife the best that I coulde get being a smale rememberance of
my duti. My Tutor goeth to his fathers to kepe Christmas wherfore
I pray you let me cume in to the cuntrie with my cosin Crumpton
I haue neede of shute a shute if it please you to let me haue it against
Christmas for my best shute is quite out of fasion, if youer pleasure
be that I shalle haue one my tutor may by it and lay out the
mony till the quarters ende. Thus with my dayly prares to god
for youer health and longe f life I rest
Oxforde 7
Nouember 1619
Youer dutiful and obediant sonne

William Bagott
Mr Doctor keble my tutor and
my so cosin Crumpton remember
there loues vnto you and my mother