Topographical Descriptions, Regiments and Policies by Edmund Tilney 25r

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[The Medicis Coat of Arms is in the left hand corner​ [image]
But Pope Clemente, vppon his Enlargement, procured the sayed Empror in Reuenge
th​e​rof, for to beseige the Cittie, which was not giuen over, vntill the Cittizens had
yealded vnto all the Popes demanndes, and Conditions,// Whereby the ffamuly of the
Medices, weare not only Restored, but ther Comm​​onwealthe conuerted, into an
Hereditary, and absolute dukedome;/ to be for euer possessed by that ffamulie,//
the ffirste duke wherof, was Alexander de Medices, the Popes Nephewe, and basse
Sonne vnto Lawrens de Medices duke of vrbin/ that had married the basse
daughter of the saied Empror // but he wholy giuen vnto a loose lieffe, and seekinge
to deflower a Noble Lady, was by a kinsman of his owne: Murdered, in his
Bedd, wi​th​oute Succession, In Anno: do​min​i 1537: aetatis​ 24// whome Cosmus de
Medicis, descended, from Lawrence, a yonger Brothers of th​e​ firste Cosmus
Consallonere of fflorence, succeeded in th​e​ sayed dukedome// Wherevnto he vny=
ted th​e​ state of Siena: An Imperiall Cittie/ and Erected a very stronge
Cittadell, wi​th​in th​e​ Cittie of fflorence, for th​e​ bridelinge of the Cittizens,
aspiringe vnto th​e​r fformer lyberties// And whoe was in Anno: do​min​i, 1569:
created greate duke of Tuscan (but woulde haue ben kinge of Hetruria)
by Pope Sextus 5// wherein he hathe a large Seigneory, besides many
other good Castells, and Territories, in Romania, and vmbria wherein/ his
Taxes, and Gabelle; are so exceedinge greate / th​a​t​ th​e​rby he is accompted, to be
one of th​e​ greateste Prrynces in Ittaly, for Reuenues// betweene whome, and
th​e​ duke of farrar, hath ben greate Emulation, for ther pre​​cedency, before th​is
seccond Tytle, grannted by th​e​ Pope, In consideration of a greate Somm​​e
of money, and perpetuall Assistans, vnto the Sea of Rome// whi​ch​: Cosmus
married Elianor, a daughter of Peeter de Tolledo, vicerey of Neaples,/ by
whome he had ffrauncis his Successor, th​a​t​ Renued th​e​ clayme; vnto th​e​
kingdome of Hetruria/ and whoe by a daughter, of the Empror fferdinande
of Austria, had only one legitimate daughter, Married vnto Henry​: 4:
kinge of ffraunce and Nauarr// whereby his Brother fferdinande, a Cardinall,
succeeded in th​a​t​ dukedome / and whose 2: Systers, were Married, vnto Alphons,
duke of ferrar, and vnto Paule vrsini, duke of Braciano// whi​ch​ duke
fferdinande; married In Anno do​min​i 1589: Catherina, A daughter of
Charles Duke of Lorrayne / by whome, he hathe, Phillipe,- Cosemus, and
one daughter &c.//
This Porovince, is a moste plesannte; and Noble Region/ as allsoe
ffirtill for all necessaries, to th​e​ vse of Man/ accompted to be; th​e​ Nobleste
parte of Ittaly,// yet somewhat mountaynous, excepte towardes th​e​ Seas//
The People, are muche giuen vnto Religion, and are allsoe very
studious in all Artte; and Trade,// th​e​ Cheife Souer​aigntie wherof apper=
tayned vnto th​e​ Empier, and partely vnder the Sea of Rome, / but th​e​
fflorentynees haue allmoste, wedded th​em bothe oute, ffrom all mannor of
profittes therby,// The Pryncipall, Inhabitors, or possessioners,
whereof be these.//