Letter from Andrew Marvell to Sir Henry Thompson, 1675 June 26, V.a.664


Below is a diplomatic transcription of Folger manuscript V.a.664; Letter from Andrew Marvell to Sir Henry Thompson, 1675 June 26. The transcription was provided by Emerson Wright. There is a reference to Scaramuccio / Scaramouche in line 20. To access the hamnet link to the manuscript, click the transcription heading.


June 26. Your most humble
Servt Andrew Marvell

Sir This went to day by ship for Portsmith

this being the ninth day, I learne your

son is in as good a condition as can

be hoped for in that distemper wch

news I have gladly cathd hold on

to present you therewith my otherwise

insignificant service. G[iles]: Strange-

ways is very jolly of being Privy Coun-

sellour. John L. must not be a Lord

till he has Servd out the next Session

With us. For undoubtedly he will now

availe among the Commons more then

ever. The L: Arundel of Tireice

do not heare himself sworn though he

has the vanity to think himselfe as fit

for the Privy Counsell as Giles. You

know that Shaftesbury Candish & Dik

Nuport are forbidden the Court. But

Scaramuccio acts in the stall at Whitehall

and every man pays his mony. The Blade

in the privy garden last Wensday night

broke all the cureous diall to pieces &

cut the Sentinell that always attended

it. Pray Sr when you see the good Doctor

forget me not to him. I am Sir,
*please note the ending of the letter (the signature and date "June 26. Your most humble Servt Andrew Marvell") is written at the top right of the letter

An: Marvell
Sr Henry Thompson

For Sr Henry Thompson
At Essick