Expenses of the Diet Provided during Easter Term, 1591, X.d.98

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This article features a transcription of a Folger Shakespeare Library manuscript, Expenses of the Diet Provided during Easter Term, X.d.98, (1591),featured in the Age of Lawyers Exhibition, September 12, 2015-January 3, 2016.

The judges and privy councillors of the Star Chamber often shared rich midday dinners on Wednesdays and Fridays, after the morning session. The Friday feasts, following the prevailing custom, offered fish. This menu from April 30, 1591, includes 30 or more varieties, from oysters, herring, salmon, pike, crayfish, eels, and carp to shrimp, trout, lobster, crab, cod, and haddock.


Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of folio 3 recto of Folger manuscript X.d.98. The transcription below was created by the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project. To access an image of the original leaf, click on each transcription's heading.

X.d.98, folio 3 recto

die veneris xxxo
Aprilis 1591


my lord of Canterbury

my lord Channcellor

my lord of Treasuror

my lord of Buchurst

Sir ffranncys Knowells /

Mr Vnder Treasuror

of the Exchequor

Sir Arthure


Sir William Hatton. /

Mr Doctor Cesar

Mr Recorder

Mr Attorney

Mr Asheley. /

Inprimis in breade xxiiijs in beare vijs vjd

in Ale vs in fflower vjs } xlijs vjd.

Item in Oysters iiijs in sweet butter ijs in

olde Lynge xiiijs in Salt Samon ixs in

greene fishe viijs in iij great Pikes xvjs in

iij smaller Pikes xs in iij great Carpes

xijs in vj smaller Carpes xijs in iij breames

xviijs in iij Tenches xijs in iij greate

Rostinge Eles vijs vjd in xij knobberdes iijs

in ix Perches ixs in Trowtes xs in

fflounders vs in Barbles xijs in Chevyns

vjs in Chubbes vijs in Soules xiijs iiijd

in Creyfishe iijs in place xvs in Purles

vjs in Gurnettes xvs in Prawnes iiijs in

Lobsters xs in Crabbes xijs in mackarell

iijs iiijd in Whytinges xvjs in j freshe

Samon and a Chyne xxviijs in Earbes

iijs iiijd in Creame ijs iiijd in pounded

Butter xvijs iiijd in Apples for Tartes

ijs in Egges ixs in Orenges & Lemons

ijs in Barbaryes xijd in Rose water xijd

in Quince vjs in fruite viijd in Portage

iijs in bote hire in all iiijs

} xvijli xiijs xd paid

Summa xixli xvjs iiijd paid