Bargain and sale of seven upper rooms in the Blackfriars to James Burbage L.b.356

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This Indenture Made the ffowrth daye of ffebruary In the Eight and Thirtith yere of the Raigne of our Soueraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of England ffrannce and Ireland

defendor of the faithe etc Betwene Sir William More of Loseley in the County of Surrey Knight of thone partie And Iames Burbage of Hollowell in the County of Middlesex Gentleman of thother partie Witnesseth that the said Sir William More for

and in consideracion of the some of Sixe Hundreth Poundes of Lawfull money of England to him by the saide Iames Burbage att and before then sealinge of theis presentes truelie paid Whereof and wherewith he the said Sir William More doth acknowledge

and confesse himselfe fullie satisfied and paied And thereof and of euery parte thereof doth clerelie acquite and dischardge the saide Iames Burbage his heires executors and Adminstrators and euery of them by theis presentes Hath Bargayned solde aliened enfeoffed

and confirmed And by theis presentes doth fullie and clerelie Bargayne sell alien enfeoffe and confirme to the said Iames Burbage his heires and assignes forever. All those Seaven greate vpper Romes as they are nowe devided being all vpon one flower