Treatises on English Law, 1576, V.b.9

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This article features a transcription of a Folger Shakespeare Library manuscript,Treatises on English Law, V.b.9, (1576), featured in the Age of Lawyers Exhibition, September 12, 2015-January 3, 2016.

In early modern England, rights and customs were not simply based on laws, court cases, or a person's social status. They could also be tied to a place of residence—in this case the City, or Liberty, of London, that small part of London corresponding to the original city.


Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of leaf 1 recto of Folger manuscript X.d.122(4). The transcription below was created by the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project. To access an image of the original leaf, click on each transcription's heading.

V.b.9, page 14-15


And he that setteth vp any hereafter

shall forfett xli fo 35 a libro albo 11 Henry 3

Kedelles and weres

That the Cytizens shall remove & take -

awaie all the kedelles stoppes and weres

in the waters of the Thames & medewaie

and that they shall haue all suche punishmentes

in that behalf as doth belonge to the kynge

Libro albo fo 39 b / I Edward I /

Liberties and free Customes

ffree liberties and free Customes vsed in the

tyme of kynge Henrie the first are by -

Charter & after by parliament ratefied &

grannted to the Cytie Libro albo fo 35 bc

11 Henry 3 et 37 Henry 3 /

Liberties and frannchesies

The kynge grannteth and doth allowe that

the Cytizens of London their heires and

successors shall haue their liberties, And may

haue & enioy the same as they have don

in anncyent tyme, And also that they maie

recorde the same before the kynge his

Iustice and his mynisters as they haue

wonte to do (Any Statute or Iudgementes

to the Contrary notwithstanding Libro albo 40

a b, I Edward I /

Liberties confirmed

All manner of liberties grannted by kynge

Henry the 3 are confirmed by Elizabeth the I Anno 12

Libro albo fo 37 a /



Liberties Confirmed

ffirst whereas in the greate charter

of the liberties of Englande amongest

other thinges yt is conteyned That the

Cytie of London shulde haue all their

anncyente liberties & customes And

that the same Cytizens at the tyme of

the making of the same charter and

in the tymes of St Edwarde the kyng

and confessor and of William the conqueror

& of other the progenytors of kynge Ryc

chirde had and vsed dyvers liberties &

Customes aswell by charters as without

accordinge to the forme of the greate charter

And that all ympedymentes & vsurpacions

to them in that behalf made shalbe revoked

& adnulled Libro albo fo 39 a b, Anno I Edward I /
Mayor to be presented

The Lorde Maior beinge chosen must be

presented vnto the Courte of thexchequer

and after to the kynge hym self at his

nexte comynge to westminster or to London

Libro albo fo 36 a, 37 Henry 3