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Edit-a-thons are in-person editing events where folks new to Folgerpedia can get direct help with the MediaWiki platform and some dedicated time to create Folgerpedia pages. The first Edit-a-thons in Folgerpedia's history will be held 3:30 to 4:30, April 7th and 21st, 2015, in the Boardroom. No experience is necessary, although you'll need to bring a laptop with you. We'll have staff on-site to register anyone who has not already created a Folgerpedia account. If you would like to preregister, please go to Getting started.

Topics and Citation

Folgerpedia articles can take a variety of forms:

Topical and subject-specific articles can tackle a variety of early modern literature or historical subjects related to the Folger's holdings (such as on Polonius, Queen Elizabeth's privy council, Coteries, or Sonnet sequences). Collections-related articles might give the history and context for an item in our collection, a history of a former collector, or a bibliography of items we hold on a given subject. We'd also love to have articles that give tips for researching a subject (including people, places, topics, genres, or kinds of books) at the Folger. The only guideline we'd like you to observe is to somehow relate the article to the Folger.

Unlike Wikipedia, Folgerpedia is happy to accept your original research and we highly encourage you to cite primary sources. If you quote from a source, please cite it so others may find it. See the how-to on Footnotes for a helpful refresher. We prefer you use the Chicago Manual of Style.

For biographical information, remember that the Folger has online access to the Dictionary of National Biography. Other useful digital resources can be found here.

Useful Help pages


To edit in VisualEditor, select the paper icon drop down menu in the upper right corner of your screen and click “Edit.” The page should be a tan background and a toolbar will appear along the top. This editing method displays the page as it will look as a finished product. For editing tips, see the VisualEditor help page. n.b. VisualEditor is currently not supported on Internet Explorer. Developers hope to eventually support VisualEditor on Internet Explorer 9 and higher in the future.

MediaWiki editor

To edit in the MediaWiki editor, select the paper icon drop down and click “Edit source.” This is the HTML editor. To view what the finished product will look like without saving, select “Show preview” at the bottom of the page. For editing tips, see the MediaWiki help page.

MediaWiki links for editing basics


Known Stubs in Want of Editing

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single article in possession of a good title must be in want of content. Not sure where to start? See if you can help us fill out one of these pages!



Researching herbals at the Folger

First Folios at the Folger

Augustin Daly: a finding aids article

Shakespearean Characters

Polonius: Character page

Ophelia: Character page

Mistress Quickly: Character page

Don Pedro: Character page

Provenance narratives:

John Philip Kemble: Actor, Former owner of Folger items, particularly needs expansion related to acting

Mary P. Massey: Former owner of Folger items, blank

Henry Neill Paul: Former owner of Folger items, blank

Henry Huth: Former owner of Folger items, adding details

J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps: Former owner of Folger items, adding details

Thomas Jefferson McKee: Former owner of Folger items

Joseph Quincy Adams: Former owner of Folger items

William Thomas Smedley: Former owner of Folger items, blank

For more inspiration on former owners, see the Image Database mediaGroup on Bookplates and Provenance marks

Shakespeare's plays, more generally

Julius Caesar: the Play

Twelfth Night: the Play

Henry VIII: the Play

Romeo and Juliet: the Play

Henry V: the Play

Richard III: the Play

Much Ado About Nothing: the Play

Note: these are examples of pages that need editing, and by all means not the only ones! Use the search box on the upper right to explore further.


Promptbooks : a general "collection item" article, focusing on a genre

Lady Anne Kerr manuscript receipt book circa 1674 : a specific "collection item" article, focused on a single item

John Lydgate : a bibliography / aka a "finding aid article"

Teaching critical digital literacy : a pedagogy article / aka a "teaching article"

Researching promptbooks at the Folger : a research guide/ aka a "researching article"