Template for former owners of Folger materials articles

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This is one of a series of articles which describes a template that will allow for consistent and easy article creation on Folgerpedia.

This template is for recording information about the former owner of a Folger Shakespeare Library collections item or items. Click the "piece of paper symbol" in the upper right of your screen. Under "edit source," copy the code below the line (<hr/>) into the "creating" page to get a head-start on creating an article for a collections item. You won't necessarily need all the sections listed below, they are simply suggestions.

Title your article with the name of the former owner.

You can save a DRAFT of your article by putting {{draft}} as the first word in the article (with the curly brackets).


Henry Huth

Short biography of the former owner, particularly in how he or she relates to the Folger.

Notable items now at the Folger

Full citations with links to Luna or Hamnet for exceptional items from the former owner's collection now at the Folger.

"Name of Owner" bookplates

Images of the former owner's bookplates or book stamps, with brief citations in the image caption.

Signatures and manuscript marks

Images of the former owner's signature or distinctive manuscript marks (e.g. a well-known manicule) should go here, along with citation of the book they are found in, with page number if at all possible.

Other methods of indicating provenance

This last category is particularly useful for indicating a former owner's association with a particular bookbinder, information found in the Folger's collection of sales catalogues, etc.