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Earlier exhibitions

  • Sword and the Pen (1995)
  • Collectors’ Choice: Favorites from Collections of Friends of the Folger Library (1994–1995)
  • Royal Autographs: the Tudor and Stuart Monarchs of England (1994)
  • Roasting the Swan of Avon: Shakespeare's Redoubtable Enemies & Dubious Friends (1994)
  • Unfaded Pageant: Edwin Austin Abbey (Loan Exhibition) (1994)
  • Paintings from the Folger Shakespeare Library (1993–1994)
  • Fabulous Beasts: Renaissance Animal Lore (1993)
  • The Elizabethan View of Italy (1993)
    • The exhibition catalog was written by Miranda Johnson-Haddad with Mary Tonkinson, Werner Gundersheimer, and Robert Eisenstein.
  • New World of Wonders, 1492-1700 (1992–1993)
    • The exhibition catalog was edited by Rachel Doggett with Monique Hulvey, and Julie Ainsworth.
  • Fine and Historic Bookbindings (1992)
    • The exhibition catalog was created by Frederick A. Bearman, Nati H. Krivatsy, J. Franklin Mowery with an introduction by Anthony Hobson. Photographs by Julie Ainsworth.
  • Reign of the Horse: the Horse in Print, 1500-1715 (1992)
    • The exhibitions catalog was prepared by Elizabeth Niemyer with the assistance of Susan Scola with an introduction to the catalogue by Anthony Dent.
  • The First Folio of Shakespeare (1991)
  • Cathedral: Faith in Stone (1990)
  • Rosenbach Redux: Further Book Adventures in Book Collecting (1990)
  • Shakespeare: The Works (1989)
  • The Grete Herball: Books from the Collection of Mary P. Massey (1988–1989)
  • The Elizabethan Theater: the Theater Art of C. Walter Hodges (1988–1988)
  • Folger’s choice : Favorites on our Fifty-fifth Anniversary (1987)
  • Time: The Greatest Innovator: Timekeeping and Time Consciousness in Early Modern Europe (1986–1987)
    • The exhibition catalog was edited by Rachel Doggett with the assistance of Susan Jaskot and Robert Rand.
  • Marianne Moor Exhibition (1987)
  • The Compleat Gentleman: Books from English Country Houses (1985–1986)
  • Emily Dickinson Centennial Symposium and Exhibition (1986)
  • The Collector and the Dream (1982–1983) "in at least 3 parts"
  • The Treatment of Books and Art Materials (1983)
  • Magna Carta (1982)
  • Shakespeare, the Globe, and the World (1979–1981)