Age of Lawyers exhibition item list

This article features the complete list of items that comprised the Age of Lawyers Exhibition (September 12, 2015-January 3, 2016).

Call numbers are linked to the item's Hamnet Record or description within the guide to the manuscript collection that it is a part of (where applicable). The specified pages link to images in Luna of the portion of the item on display in the exhibition, when available.

Section 1: Legal Lives

Wenceslaus Hollar. The Prospect of London and Westminster taken from Lambeth. Call number: MAP L85c no.2 copy 2.

The Inns of Court

John Strype. A survey of the cities of London and Westminster, and the borough of Southwark. ... Written at first in the year 1698, by John Stow, ... Corrected, improved, and very much enlarged, in the year 1720. London: 1754-55. Call number: 185-054 vol I; Displayed: plate facing leaf 8Y1 verso (page 728): plate 53, A Mapp of St. Andrews Holborn Parish.

Life at the "Third University"

Edmund Howes. Annales, or, a generall chronicle of England. Begun by Iohn Stow: continued and augmented with matters forraigne and domestique, ancient and moderne, vnto the end of this present yeere, 1631. London: John Beale, Bernard Alsop, Thomas Fawcett, and Augustine Mathewes, 1632. Call Number: STC 23340 copy 1; Displayed: engraved title page.

Letter from Lewis Bagot, [London], to Walter Bagot. Manuscript, November 10, 1604. Call Number: L.a.63; Displayed leaf 1r.

Letter from Lewis Bagot, [London], to Walter Bagot. Manuscript, November 20, 1604. Call number: L.a.64; Displayed leaf 1r.

Letter from William Bagot, Inner Temple, to Walter Bagot. Manuscript, February 27, 1622/3. Call number: L.a.182; Displayed leaf 1r.

Reading, Notes, and Study

Francis Bacon 1561-1626. The learned reading of Sir Francis Bacon, one of her Majesties learned counsell at law, upon the Statute of Uses: being his double reading to the Honourable Society of Grayes Inne. Published for the common good. London: 1642. Call number: B301 copy 3 Bd.w. STC 20889.5; Displayed: title page.

John Perkins. A profitable booke of Master Iohn Perkins felow of the Inner Temple treating of the lawes of Engla[n]d. London: Richard Tottell, August 31, 1581. Call number: STC 19637 copy 2; Displayed: 121a

John Rastell. An exposition of certaine difficult and obscure words, and termes of the lawes of this realme, newly set forth and augmented, both in Frenche and English, for the helpe of such yong students, as are desirous to attaine to the knowledge of the same. London: Richard Tottel, 1592. Call number: STC 20708 copy 2; Displayed: folio 112v-113r.

Sir Henry Finch. Nomotechnia, viz. the art of law or a description of the common lawes of England according to the rules of art together with all the cheife and principall statutes comeinge in their places whereby the common law is inlarged abridged or any way altered from the beginneinge of Magna Charta made 9 H. 3 to the end of the fourtyeth yeare of her late maties. most gratious raygne. Manuscript, 1607. Call number: V.a.320, Folio 2; Displayed: folio 2r.

A Wide Variety of Roles

Oath of a serjeant at law. Manuscript, 1577. Call number: X.d.122(4); Displayed: leaf 1r.

Sir Humphre Davenport. Legal opinion concerning the right of a Lieutenant of the Tower to the goods of an attainted prisoner in his care. Manuscript, 1620. Call number: L.b 669; Displayed.

Thomas Powell. The attourneys academy. London: Nicholas Okes and Bernard Alsop, 1623. Call number: STC 20163.2; Displayed: title page.

Legal formulary. Manuscript, ca. 1620-1630. Call number: V.b.306.

Letter from William Yelverton to Nathaniel Bacon. Manuscript, August 9, 1604. L.d.636; Displayed leaf 1r.

Literary Lawyers

Gesta Grayorum. London: W. Canning, 1688. Call number: C444 copy 1; Displayed; pages 22-23.

John Donne. Poems, by J.D. VVith elegies on the authors death. London: Miles Flesher, 1633. Call number: STC 7045.2 copy 1; Displayed: page 325.

Copy of John Donne’s Satyres I and II. Manuscript, 1590s. Call number: X.d.580; Displayed: front cover.

William Shakespeare. Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies : published according to the true originall copies. London: Isaac Iaggard and Ed. Blount, 1623. Call number: STC 22273 Fo.1 no.47; Displayed; title page for The Comedy of Errors.

Justice’s handbook. Manuscript, ca. 1575. Call number: V.a.247; Displayed: 5th and 6th leaves.

Section 2: The Great Courts

Wenceslaus Hollar. Ciuitatis Westmonasteriensis pars [Westminster from the river]. 1647. Call number ART Vol. d60 no.16.

Pressing a Suit in Common Law

William Noy. A treatise of the principall grounds and maximes of the lawes of this kingdome. Very usefull and commodious for all studients, and such others as desire the knowledge, and understanding of the lawes. Written by that most excellent, and learned expositor of the law, W.N. of Lincolns-Inn, Esquire. London: R.H. by permission of the assignes of John Moore, Esquire, 1641. Call number N1451 Copy 1 Bd.w. STC 6981 Copy 2; Displayed: Folio 1 of text 2.

Writ of covenant from the Court of Chancery to the sheriff of Nottinghamshire. Manuscript, April 8, 1555. Call number Z.c.27 (2). Displayed: 1r.

Writ of covenant from the Court of Chancery to the sheriff of Nottinghamshire. Manuscript, March 26, 1578. Call number Z.c.27 (3). Displayed: 1r.

Charge for Goodwife Ivery. Manuscript, 1587. Call number L.f. 218.

Case of Goldsmith v Sir Roger Townshend, 1st bart.. Manuscript, September 1622. Call number L.d.868; Displayed leaf 1r.

Traveling to the Assizes

Menu for Lent Assizes. Manuscript, ca. 1620. Call number L.f.45; Displayed: leaf 1r.

Notebook of a barrister riding on the Midland Circuit. Manuscript, ca. 1609 February-1610/11 February. Call number V.a.489.

Letter from John Lord, London, to Sir Humphrey Ferrers, Walton. Manuscript, 2 June 1597. Call number L.e.568; Displayed: leaf 1r.

List of jurors in the case of Thomas Whiston v. Thomas Smyth. Manuscript, Ca. 1610. Call number L.a.1067; Displayed leaf 1r.

The Court of Chancery

A general catalogue of all the names and arms of all the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the great seal of England. Manuscript, 1617-ca.1650. Call number V.a.279; Displayed: Francis Bacon's Arms.

Interrogatories on behalf of William Bradbourne, William Bradbourne vs. Anthony Bradbourne. Manuscript, Ca. 1599. Call number L.e.845; Displayed: leaf 5r.

Petition against Lady Bacon and Sir Owne Smith, from Lady Elizabeth (Bacon) Knyvett to Thomas, Lord Coventry, lord keeper. Manuscript, ca. 1630. Call number L.d.639; Displayed leaf 1r.

Case in chancery before Nathaniel Bacon between Thomas Edward and Thomas Grigge. November 14, 1604. Call number: L.d.739; Displayed: leaf 1r.

Star Chamber and Exchequer

Expenses of the diet provided to Court of Star Chamber during Easter term signed by Sir Christopher Hatton and Lord Burghley. Manuscript, 1591. Call number: X.d. 98; Displayed: leaf 3r.

Letter from Henry Michell, Clements Inn, London, to Sir Humphrey Ferrers, Walton. May 1, 1605. Call number: L.e.578; Displayed: leaf 1r.

Reports of cases in the court of Star Chamber. Manuscript, 1596-1619. Call number: V.a.133; Displayed: folio 30-31.

Allowance of £58 from the Exchequer to Thomas Reve, upon his petition. Manuscript, March 27, 1568. Call number: X.d.329; Displayed: letter side.

Section 3: Law and Communities

Local Government

Court rolls for courts general and courts leet of the manor of Lopham, Norfolk Manuscript, 1511-1631. X.d.57 (5-6); Displayed: rolled up.

Court paper of the Manorial Court for the court leet and court baron of the manor of Henley-in Arden, Warwickshire. Manuscript, October 23, 1616. Call number: V.b.86; Displayed: leaf 1v-1r.

By-laws of Warwick. Manuscript, 1571-1664. Call number: Z.d.10; Displayed: front cover.

Local Liberties and Customs

Treatises on English law. Manuscript, 1576. Call number: V.b.9; Displayed: leaves 14-15.

Customs of copyholders, Sir John Ferrers vs. Richard Creswell, Tettenhall Regis (Staffordshire). Manuscript, ca. 1620. Call number: L.e.967. Displayed: folio 1r.

Tenants' petition to Sir Roger Townshend (1543?-1590). January 20, No Year. Call number: L.d.839; Displayed: leaf 1r.

The Law and Everyday Life

Abraham Bosse. Étude de procureur [The prosecuter’s study]. Engraving. Paris: [not before 1633]. Call number: ART 230-993 (size M).

Marriage settlement of Simon Cale with John Fowler of Worcester, clothier, John Stayte of Alderton, Gloucestershire, husbandman, and Michael Smarte of Stratford, husbandman, trustees. Manuscript, January 7, 1613. Call number: Z.c.36(115); Displayed: closed

Bond from Sir Roger Townshend (1543?-1590) to John Spencer, May 20, 1590. Call number: L.d.858; Displayed: leaf 1r.

Will of William Meyrick, parson of St. Michael's, 1611 April. Copy, after 1611. Call number: L.f.398: Displayed: folio 1r.

List of bonds at Sir Roger Townshend's (1543?-1590) death. Ca. 1591. Call number: L.d.856. Displayed: leaf 1r.

Moses Pitt. The cry of the oppressed. London: 1691. Call number: 157- 697q: Displayed: plate facing page 62. Keeping the Peace William Lambarde. Eirenarcha: or of the office of the Justices of peace, in two bookes: gathered 1579 […]. London: 1582. Call number: STC 15164; Displayed: page 11.

William Lambarde. An ephemeris of the certifiable causes of the commission of the peace from June 1580 till September 1588. Manuscript, 1588. Call number: X.d.249; Displayed: leaf 1v- leaf 2r.

Michael Dalton. The countrey iustice : conteyning the practise of the iustices of the peace out of their sessions […]. London: 1618. Call number: STC 6205 copy 2; Displayed: pages 25-25.

Letter from Sir John Popham to Robert Redmayne. Copy, June 20, 1599. Call number: L.d.477; Displayed: leaf 1r.

A manuell, or A justice of peace his vade-mecum. [Cambridge]: Roger Daniel, 1614. Call number: V.a.395 item 3. Displayed: pages 60-61.

Crime and Punishment

Copy of speeches made by Sir Nicholas Bacon (1509-1579) before Parliament, the Star Chamber and elsewhere, 1559-ca.1580. Manuscript, ca. 1600. Call number: V.a.143. Displayed: page 66-67.

A true relation of a most desperate murder, committed vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tindall Knight, one of the maisters of the Chancery; who with a pistoll charged with 3. bullets, was slaine going into his chamber within Lincolnes-Inne, the 12. day of Nouember, by one Iohn Barterham Gent: Which Barterham afterwards hanged himselfe in the Kinges-Bench in Southwarke, on Sunday being the 17. day following. 1616. London: Edwward All-de, 1617. Call number: STC 24435; Displayed: b2r.

A true relation of a barbarous and most cruell murther, [com]mitted by one Enoch ap Euan, who cut off his owne naturall mothers head, and his brothers. The cause wherefore he did this most execrable act: ... with his condemnation and execution. VVith certaine pregnant inducements, both diuine and morall, ... .London: Nicholas Okes, 1633. Call number: STC 10582; Displayed: title page.

Ferdinando Pulton. De pace Regis et regni. London: Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1609. Call number: STC 20495 Copy 1; Displayed: folio 223-224. William Staunford. Les plees del coron. London: Richard Tottel 1567. Call number: STC 23221; Displayed: title page.

Section 4: The King and the Law

Attributed to Hogenberg. [Coronation of James I, King of Great Britain]. Etching. Ca. 1603. Call number: ART 235- 612 (size S)

James and Francis Bacon

The true lawe of free monarchies. Or The reciprock and mutuall dutie betwixt a free king, and his naturall subiects. London : Thomas Creede and J Roberts according to the copie printed at Edenburgh, 1603. Call number: STC 14410 Copy 1; Displayed: first page, signature b.

George Buchanan. De jure regni apud Scotos […]. Edinburgh: 1580. Call number: STC 3975. Displayed: title page. James I, King of England. A counterblaste to tobacco. London: R. Barker, 1604. Call number: STC 14363. Displayed: B1r.

Francis Bacon. Of the advancement and proficience of learning. Oxford: Leon Lichfield, 1640. Call number: STC 1167.2; Displayed: Pages 438-439.

Francis Bacon. The elements of the common lavves of England, branched into a double tract […]. London: 1636. Call number: STC 1135 copy 1. Displayed: title page.

Sir Edward Coke

Sir Edward Coke. Les reports de Edvvard Coke l’attorney generall le roigne […] [Reports. Part 1]. London: Thomæ Wight, 1601. Call number: STC 5493.25; Displayed: title page.

Robert Pricket. The Lord Coke his speech and charge. VVith a discouerie of the abuses and corruption of officers. London: R. Raworth and N. Okes, 1607. Call number: STC 5492.2 copy 1; Displayed: title page.

Autograph letter signed from "Edw: Coke" at "Stoke" [House, Stoke Poges], to his confidential secretary and man of business John Pepys. Manuscript, June 11, 1626. Call number: X.c.176; Displayed: Folio 1r.

Magna charta, made in the ninth year of K. Henry the Third, and confirmed by K. Edward the First, in the twenty-eighth year of his reign. With some short, but necessary observations from the L. Chief Just. Coke’s comments upon it. Faithfully translated for the benefit of those that do not understand the Latine, by Edw. Cooke, of the Middle-Temple, Esq. London: assignes of Richard and Edward Atkins, 1680. Call number: 139- 576q; Displayed: title page.

Known Simply as the Reports

LOAN Courtesy of Georgetown Law Library: Coke's Reports (set of 12)

The Liberties of Magna Carta

LOAN Courtesy of the Library of Congress: Vellum Photo engraving of 1215 Magna Carta

A collection of statutes of the realm. Manuscript, compiled ca. 1325. Call number: V.a.256; Displayed: folio 25v-26r. Magna Charta, cum statutis quæ antiqua vocantur, iam recens excusa, & summa fide emendata, iuxta vetusta exemplaria ad Parliamenti rotulos examinata [...]. London: Richard Tottel, 1556. Call number: STC 9278 Copy 1; Displayed: folio 5.

A kalender, or table, comprehending the effect of all the statutes that haue beene made and put in print, beginning with Magna Charta, enacted anno 9. H.3. and proceeding one by one, vntill the end of the session of Parliament holden Anno 3. R. Iacobi. London : Adam Islip, 1606. Call number: STC 9547; Displayed: folio 1.

Reflections upon the opinions of some modern divines, concerning the nature of government in general, and that of England in particular. London: 1689. Call number: 133-061q. Displayed: title page.

The great charter called in latyn Magna Carta. London: Thomas Petyt, 1542. Call number: STC 9276. Displayed: signature Ar.

Major Cases and Events

Sir Edward Coke. The twelfth part of the Reports of Sir Edward Coke. London: Printed by T.R. for Henry Twyford, and Thomas Dring, and are to be sold in Vine-Court Middle Temple, and at the George in Fleetstreet, neer Cliffords-Inne, 1656. Call number: 151- 989f; Displayed: page 64-65.

LOAN Courtesy of Georgetown Law Library: Henry Bracton. Henrici de Bracton De legibus & consuetudinibus Angliae libri quinq : in varios tractatus distincti, ad diuersorum et vetustissimorum codicum collationem, ingenti cura, nunc primu typis vulgati : quorum quid cuiq; insit, proxima pagina demonstrabit. London: Apud Richard Tottel, 1569. Call number: KD600 .B73 1569 Folio.

Sir Thomas Egerton. The speech of the Lord Chancellor of England, in the Eschequer Chamber, touching the post-nati. London: Adam Islip, 1609. Call number: STC 7540 Copy 2 Bd.w. STC 5492.2 Copy 2; Displayed: B1r.

By the King. A proclamation against priuate challenges and combats: vvith articles annexed for the better directions to be vsed therein, and for the more iudiciall proceeding against offenders. London: Robert Barker, 1613 [i.e. 1614]. Call number: STC 8497; Displayed: page 1.

Sir Francis Bacon. The charge of Sir Francis Bacon Knight, his Maiesties Attourney generall, touching duells, vpon an information in the Star-chamber against Priest and Wright. With the decree of the Star-chamber in the same cause. London: George Eld, 1614. Call number: STC 1125; Displayed: title page.

The habeas corpus, or, The proceedings at the King’s Bench Bar between the King’s Majesty and divers of his subjects imprisoned in Michaelmas term Manuscript, November 1627. Call number: V.b.309; Displayed: title page.

Thomas Jefferson and Sir Edward Coke

LOAN Courtesy of the Library of Congress: Edward Coke.The Second Part of the Institute of the Lawes of England […]. London: Thomas Basset, 1681. Thomas Jefferson Library Collection.