List of Folger Institute resources

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This article lists various resources useful to Folger Institute faculty and other scholars. For more information on site-specific Folger Shakespeare Library resources, please consult Digital resources at the Folger.

Libraries, Electronic Texts, and Indexes


American Antiquarian Society
Bibliothèque Nationale
The Bodleian Library
The British Library
Cambridge University Library
Herzog August Bibliothek
The Huntington Library
The Library of Congress
The National Archives
The National Sporting Library
The Newberry Library--for more information on the Folger's relationship with The Newberry Library, see Folger Institute and Newberry Library reciprocity agreement.

Electronic texts and indexes

Brown University Women Writers Project
CERES (Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (MIT)
Early Modern Culture Links
Early Stuart Libels
The English Renaissance in Context
The E-Text Center at the University of Virginia
EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
Folger Digital Texts
History On-Line
John Foxe’s Book of Martrys Variorum Edition
Leonardo da Vinci and his Treatise on Painting
Online Dictionary for Library and Information Sciences
The Perdita Project
Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online
Shakespearean Prompt Books
Sixteenth Century Collections in North American Research Libraries
Voice of the Shuttle
The World of Shakespeare's Sonnets: An Introduction

Listservs and journals


Ficino--An interdisciplinary Renaissance listserv.
H-Albion--The H-Net discussion network for British and Irish history.
Shaksper--The global electronic Shakespeare conference.
SHARP-L--The electronic conference for the history of print culture.


Early English Studies
Early Modern Culture
Early Modern Literary Studies
Shakespeare Quarterly