Folger Institute and Newberry Library reciprocity agreement

Like the Folger Institute, the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies offers programs for advanced study that are sponsored by a major independent research library and a consortium of member universities. Through the continuing collaboration of the Folger Institute and the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies, faculty members and advanced graduate students from the two consortia are welcome to participate in programs at both libraries, and associated program fees are waived unless otherwise specified.

Taking advantage of this reciprocal relationship, however, is a two-step process. Members of the Newberry consortium must apply to the Folger for admission to Folger programs and to the Newberry for funding; conversely, those affiliated with the Folger must apply to the Newberry for admission to Newberry programs and to the Folger for funding. When applying for reciprocal privileges, then, the applicant must attend to the admission procedures governing the hosting consortium as well as to the awards procedures of his or her home consortium; admission to the hosting consortium's program does not entail funding by one's home consortium.

The following steps apply to affiliates of the Folger Institute; affiliates of the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies should consult their university representatives about the Newberry funding procedures:

1. Normal eligibility rules for consortium funding apply: all applicants must be graduate students or faculty member program participants affiliated with member colleges and universities.
2. Newberry programs eligible for Folger Institute funding include semester-length seminars, weekend seminars, skills courses, workshops, and scholarly conferences. Preference is given to applicants for the Newberry summer institutes in archival sciences. Grants-in-aid are not available for independently conducted research trips, fellowships, occasional lectures, and stipends or honoraria for invited speakers. If in doubt, please consult with your faculty representative or send your question to
3. For a Folger Institute affiliate to apply for funding from the Folger Institute to attend a Newberry program, applicants should describe the ways participation in the program sponsored by the Newberry is important to their scholarly work in an email to Applicants should also solicit a brief letter from their campus representative affirming that the request is supported. Finally, a budget providing the expected costs in the categories of travel and lodging should be included.

Please contact Owen Williams (, Associate Director for Scholarly Programs at the Folger Institute, if the above does not answer your questions.