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Folger Institute short-term fellows from previous years. See current Folger Institute short-term fellows for this year's fellows.

2014–2015 short-term fellows

Harriet Archer, English, Newcastle University

"Reading Poetic Authority in 1570s England: Manuscript Marginalia to English Printed Poetry in the Folger Collection"

Tamara Atkin, English, Queen Mary University of London

"Play and Book: Drama‚ Reading‚ and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England"

Anna Bertolet, English, Auburn University

"Written in Thread on Contested Ground: Gender and Needlework in Early Modern England"

Joshua Calhoun, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Revising the Past: Ink Blots‚ Erasure‚ and Ecologies of Inscription in Renaissance England"

Clare Carroll, Comparative Literature, Queen’s College, CUNY

"The Uses of Spenser’s A View of the Present State of Ireland"

Antonio Castore, Humanities, University of Turin

"Pericles‚ Prince of Tyre: A New Translation and Critical Edition in Italian"

Leah Chang, French, The George Washington University

"Two Queens: Maternity and the Embodiment of Sovereignty in Early Modern France and England"

Katharine Cleland, English, Virginia Tech University

"Fictions of Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern England"

Rita Costa-Gomes, History, Towson University

"A Cartographer’s Tale: Boazio's 1588 View of Santiago"

Lezlie Cross, Drama, University of Washington

"The Nineteenth-Century Shakespeare Dramaturg: William Winter and Horace Howard Furness"

Cesare Cuttica, English Studies, Paris University

"Fighting the Monstrous ‘Many-Headed Multitude’: Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England ca. 1580-1640"

Surekha Davies, History, Western Connecticut State University

"Mapping the Peoples of the New World: Ethnography‚ Imagery, and Knowledge in Renaissance Europe"

Vivian Davis, English, University of Arkansas

"Genres of the Moment: David Garrick Between Tragedy and Comedy"

Eoin Devlin, History, University of Cambridge

"British Responses to the Baroque‚ c.1603–c.1797"

Derek Dunne, English, Queen’s University, Belfast

"Vindictive Justice‚ Participatory Revenge"

Rebecca Emmett, History, St. John’s College, Oxford

"Publishing Networks in Elizabethan London: The Case of Thomas Man"

Alan Galey, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

"Visualizing Variation in Shakespeare and Early Modern Books"

David Gehring, Theology and Religion, Durham University

"Anglo-German Translations and Travel‚ 1558–1603"

Musa Gurnis, English, Washington University

"Heterodox Drama: Theater in Post-Reformation London"

Vanessa Harding, History‚ Classics & Archaeology, Birbeck, University of London

"Richard Smyth (1590–1675) and His Books"

Megan Heffernan, English, DePaul University

"Each Part Together: Form‚ Collections‚ and the Poetic Imagination in Tottel’s England"

Brett Hirsch, English and Cultural Studies, The University of Western Australia

"Reproducing Renaissance Drama‚ 1744–2014"

Katherine Hunt, Literature‚ Drama‚ and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

"Arts of Variation: Permutational Practices and the Shape of Change in Seventeenth-Century English Writing"

Bruce Janacek, History, North Central College

"Elias Ashmole: A Study in Virtuosity"

Claire Jowitt, English, University of Southampton

"Critical Edition of Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations: Volume XIV"

Darcy Kern, History, McDaniel College

"Tyranny in Translation: The Reception of Paolo Sarpi in Renaissance England"

David Lawrence, History, Trent University

"England’s Merchant Soldiers: Civic Militarism and Military Performance in the Early Stuart Period"

Kat Lecky, English, Arkansas State University

"The Laureate Poetics of Pocket Maps in Renaissance Britain"

Catherine Loomis, English, University of New Orleans

"The John Jack Promptbook"

Fabio Luppi, Education Science, Roma Tre University

"New Edition and First Italian Translation of the Jacobean Play by John Marston and Others: The Insatiate Countess"

Jack Lynch, English, Rutgers University

"The Shakespeare Phantom: The Lives of William Henry Ireland"

Kate Narveson, English, Luther College

"Resting Assured: Devotional Reading and the Creation of Emotion"

Sandrine Parageau, English Studies, University of Paris, West, Nanterre Nanterre La Défense

"Spreading the Word of a Woman Kabbalist: A Translation of Anne Conway’s The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy (1690/1692)"

Jared Richman, English, Colorado College

"(In)audible Bodies and (In)visible Voices: Elocution and Disability in the Long Eighteenth Century"

Leslie Ritchie, English, Queen’s University

"David Garrick and the Mediation of Celebrity"

Jenny Sager, English, The University of Nottingham

"The Friar Bacon Plays: Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay and John of Bordeaux"

Anita Sherman, English, American University

'"The Skeptical Imagination of Margaret Cavendish"

Monika Smialkowska, Humanities, Northumbria University

"Shakespeare 1916: Local and Global Perspectives"

Courtney Smith, English, Wesleyan University

"Empiricist Devotions: Scrutinizing Nature in Early Eighteenth-Century England"

Claire Sponsler, English, The University of Iowa

"Reading the Beauchamp Pageant"

Tatiana String, Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Masculinity and the Male Body in Renaissance Art"

Mark Vareschi, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Everywhere and Nowhere: The Anonymous Text‚ 1660–1790"

Julianne Werlin, English, The University of Southern California

"Informers and Information in Francis Bacon’s Thought"

John West, English, University of Exeter

"Literature and the Succession of Charles II‚ 1649–1661"

Jay Zysk, English, University of South Florida

"Shadow and Substance: Reading the Eucharist in Medieval and Early Modern English Drama"

2013–2014 short–term fellows

Katherine Acheson, English, University of Waterloo

“Inscriptions: Writing in Early Modern English Bibles”

Ronda Arab, English, Simon Fraser University

“The Gentleman Apprentice on the Early Modern London Stage”

Guyda Armstrong, Italian Studies, University of Manchester

“Boccaccio in English, 1494–1620”

Kevin Bourque, Writing in the Disciplines, Southwestern University

“Seriality, Singularity, and Celebrity: Pictures in Motion from 1680–1810”

Ian Campbell, Center for Neo-Latin Studies, University College Cork

“Protestant Natural Law and Irish Natural Slaves”

Urvashi Chakravarty, English, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“Serving Like a Free Man: Labor, Liberty, and Consent in Early Modern England”

Raz Chen-Morris, History of Science, Bar Ilan University

“Vision Contested”

David Coast, History, Durham University

“Rumour and Common Fame in Early Stuart Manuscript Miscellanies”

Matthew Day, English, Newman University

“Reading the Nation’s Voyages – the Literature of Travel and the Nature of English Nationalism”

Eric Dursteler, History, Brigham Young University (SCSC/Folger Fellow)

“Around the Mediterranean Table: Foodways and Identity in the Early Modern Era”

Amy Froide, History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“Women’s Financial Literacy in Early Modern England”

Nathan Garvey, English, University of Queensland

“Jane Garland/Lowndes: Printer to the Drury Lane Theatre (fl. 1777–1824)”

David George, English, Urbana University

“A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus”

Katherine Gillen, English, Texas A&M University, San Antonio

“Chaste Value: Economic Crises, Sexual Anxiety, and Construction of Identity in Early Modern Drama”

Ken Gouwens, History, University of Connecticut

“Defining Human Exceptionalism”

John Gouws, English, North-West University

“Clarendon Edition of the Works of Fulke Greville”

David Greer, Music, Durham University

“An Edition of Manuscript Music in Printed Sources”

Tobias Gregory, English, The Catholic University of America

“Milton’s Strenuous Liberty”

Huw Griffiths, English, University of Sydney

“Love, Desire, and Friendship Between Men in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Adaptations of Shakespeare”

William Hauptman, Independent Scholar, Lausanne, Switzerland

“Samuel Hieronymus Grimm’s Shakespeare Illustration in the Folger”

Richard Hoyle, History, University of Reading

“Popular Royalism in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century”

Miriam Jacobson, English, University of Georgia

“Renaissance Undead: Resurrecting the Past in Early Modern England”

Christopher Johnson, English, University of California, Los Angeles

“Squaring the Circle: Representing Self and World in The Anatomy of Melancholy”

Ben Labreche, English, University of Mary Washington

“Liberty Agonistes: Milton and Modern Freedom”

Katherine Larson, English, University of Toronto

“The Singing Body in Early Modern England”

Dmitri Levitin, History, Trinity College, Cambridge

“The Historicization of Religion and Theology, c. 1580–1720”

Christopher Matusiak, English, Ithaca College

“A Critical Edition of Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay”

Agnes Matuska, English, University of Szeged

“Early Modern Version of the Theatrum Mundi, and our Contemporary Perspectives”

Valerie McGowan-Doyle, History, Lorain County Community College

“Violence Against Women in Sixteenth-Century Ireland”

Stephanie Morley, English, Saint Mary’s University

“Lady Margaret Beaufort: The Imitation of Christ, Book IV, The Mirror of Gold to the Sinful Soul – a Critical Edition”

Louise Noble, School of Arts, University of New England (Australia)

“The Changing Waterscape in Early Modern Rural England”

Sarah Noonan, English, Lindenwood University

“The Book in Parts: Selective Reading Practices in Late Medieval England”

Shormishtha Panja, English, University of Delhi

“Shakespeare, Boydell and Bengal”

Vimala Pasupathi, Theatre, Hofstra University

“The Militia Theatre, 1560–1660: Playing the Soldier in English Drama and British History”

Teresa Prudente, Humanities, University of Turin

“The Two Noble Kinsmen: a New Translation and Critical Edition in Italian”

Maria Anne Purciello, Music History, University of Delaware

“Artistry, Rhetoric and … Laughter? Rethinking the ‘Comic’ in 17th-Century Opera”

Mark Rankin, English, James Madison University (RSA/Folger Fellow)

“William Tyndale’s Practice of Prelates (1530) and the Nature of Reading in Renaissance England”

Lucy Razzall, English, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

“Printed Repositories in Early Modern England”

Letha Clair Robertson, Art History, University of Texas, Tyler

“Marketing the Theatrical Celebrity: Thomas Hicks’s Portraits of Edwin Booth”

Benedict Robinson, English, Stony Brook University

“Feeling Words: An Early Modern Philology of the Affections”

Claire Sponsler, English, University of Iowa

“Reading the Beauchamp Pageant”

Andrew Strycharski, English, Florida International University

“Philip Sidney, Community, and the Reformation’s Passionate Ethics”

Edward (Mac) Test, English, Boise State University

“Cochineal: From Myth to Market”

Clotilde Thouret, Comparative Literature, University of Paris-Sorbonne

“Defending the Theater, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment: Knowledge, Effects and Uses of a Controversial Art”

Lucy Underwood, Theology, Durham University

“‘Out of a heretical nation’: English Catholic Representations of Protestant England and their Reception”

Denise Walen, Theatre, Vassar College

“Dethroning Margaret”

Elizabeth Williamson, Independent Scholar, London

“Henry Unton and the Afterlives of Letters: Copies, Counterfeits, and the Construction of History”

Carl Wise, Hispanic Studies, College of Charleston

“Doctrines on Display: Baroque Theologies in the Theater of Antonio Mira de Amescua”

David Worrall, English, Nottingham Trent University

“Sarah Siddons and Edmund Kean’s Drury Lane Audiences”

2012–2013 short-term fellows

Marco Barducci, Political Thought, University of Florence

"Hugo Grotius and the Reception of De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra in the English Revolution, 1640–1660"

Clara Calvo, English, University of Murcia

"Shakespeare and the Cultures of Commemoration"

Ian Campbell, History, Trinity College Dublin

"Protestant Natural Law and Irish Natural Slaves"

Brinda Charry, English, Keene State College

"‘Imperfect Men:’ Eunuchs, The East, and Early Modern English Drama"

Matthew Davies, IHR, University of London

"London 1300–1550"

Chad Van Dixhoorn, History, Reformed Theological Seminary

"The Westminster Assembly and the Pulpit"

Eric Dursteler, History, Brigham Young University

"Around the Mediterranean Table: Foodways and Identity in the Early Modern Era"

J. Caitlin Finlayson, English, University Michigan-Dearborn

"Stephen Harrison’s The Arches of Triumph: James I’s London Royal Entry and the Architectural Representation of Majesty"

John Garrison, English, Carroll University

"Enriching Friendship"

Gail McMurray Gibson, English, Davidson College

"Sir Kenelm Digby, Cultures of Recusancy, and The Digby Plays"

Colette Gordon, English, University of Cape Town

"Shakespeare’s Play of Credit"

Lianne Habinek, Literature, Bard College

"Such Wondrous Science: Metaphor and the Birth of Neuroscience in Early Modern England"

Susan Harlan, English, Wake Forest University

"Objects of War: Military Dress, Memory, and the Making of the Early Modern English Subject"

Johanna Harris, English, University of Exeter

"The Collected Works of Thomas Traherne Volume III"

Christopher Highley, English, Ohio State University

"The Blackfriars Neighborhood: God’s House and Playhouse"

Wendy Hyman, English, Oberlin College

"Skeptical Seductions: Carpe Diem Poetry and the Eroticism of Doubt"

Stacey Jocoy, Musicology, Texas Tech University

"John Playford and the Evolution of The Introduction to the Skill of Musick"

Erin Kelly, English, University of Victoria

"Performing Religious Conversion in Early Modern England"
Sixteenth-Century Studies/Folger Fellow

Gerard Kilroy, English, University College London

"Edmund Campion and William Shakespeare: an Uncertain Connection"

Natasha Korda, English, Wesleyan University

"Sister Arts: Theater and Visual Culture in Early Modern England"

Douglas Lanier, English, University of New Hampshire

"America’s Shakespeare Commemorated: 1864, 1916, 1964"

John Lavagnino, English, King’s College London

"The Death and Rebirth of Early Modern Drama"

Yu Liu, English, Niagara County Community College

"Harmonious Disagreement: Matteo Ricci and his Closest Chinese Friends"

Brian Lockey, English, St. John’s University

"The Pope’s Scholars: Catholics, Royalists, and Cosmopolitans Writing at the Margins of Early Modern England"

Cecilia Maier-Kapoor, Modern Languages and Literatures, Pace University

"Platonic Love Reconsidered: The Role of Medicine in Francesco Cattani da Diacceto’s ‘I tre libre d’amore’ (1561)"

Howard Marchitello, English, Rutgers University-Camden

"The Diary Notebooks of Reverend John Ward: Early Modern ‘Science in Action’"

Rupali Mishra, History, Auburn University

"A business of state: the meanings of the East India Company and English State in London and Asia in the 17th Century"

Paul Musselwhite, History, University of Glasgow

"Conceiving the Plantation Town: Civic Structures in English Atlantic Debate"
American Historical Association/Folger Fellow

Marcy North, English, Pennsylvania State University

"Scribal Labor and the Exercise of Taste in Post-Print Manuscript Culture"

Kara Northway, English, Kansas State University

"Actors’ Letters"

Monique O’Connell, History, Wake Forest University

"Constructing Narratives, Building Empire: Renaissance Republicanism and Venetian Expansion"

Elizabeth Patton, Humanities, Johns Hopkins University

"Reading the Rosary and Marking its Absence: Readers’ Marks and the Reformation History of the “beads” and the Little Office of the Virgin"

Chiara Petrolini, Renaissance Studies, Balzan Foundation

"Between Two Worlds: a Critical edition of A True Historicall Conversion of Sir Tobie Matthew"

Nicholas Popper, History, College of William and Mary

"Edmund Tilney’s Topographical Descriptions and Elizabethan Political Culture"

Todd Reeser, French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh

"Setting Plato Straight: Translating Ancient Sexuality in the Renaissance"

Colleen Rosenfeld, English, Pomona College

"Indecorous Thinking: Poetic Figures and the Production of Knowledge in Early Modern England"

Julia Schleck, English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

"The Genres of Early Capitalism"

Deneen Senasi, English, Mercer University

"Companionate Reading, Coincidental Inscription, and the Associated Name: George Eliot, George Henry Lewes, and the Works of Shakespeare"

Daniel Smith, English, University of Reading

"Early Modern Manuscripts at the Folger: The Conways, John Donne, and Bess of Hardwick"

Scott Sowerby, History, Northwestern University

"Acquisitive Cosmopolitanism and the Early British Empire, 1660–1720"

Elizabeth Spiller, English, Florida State University

"The Sense of Matter: Science, Matter Theory, and Literary Creations in the Renaissance"

Felicity Stout, Humanities, Nottingham Trent University

"Richard Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations: a New Critical Edition of V.4, the Russian Material"

Kristina Straub, English, Carnegie Mellon University

"Shakespearean Performance and the Sexual Imaginary of 18th-Century London Theatre"

Rivka Swenson, English, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Before Unionism: Parts, Wholes, and Aesthetic Politics, 1603–1707"

Patrick Tuite, Drama, Catholic University of America

"Dramaturgy in the Age of Monarch

Lucy Underwood, History, Independent Scholar

"Imagining Englands: Confessionalization and National Identity after the English Reformation"

Susan Wabuda, History, Fordham University

"Cranmer’s Women"

2011–2012 short-term fellows

Sharon Achinstein, Reader in English Renaissance Literature, University of Oxford

“The Life and Death of the Sonnet in the Seventeenth Century”
(One month, 19 July - 15 August '11)

Carlo Bajetta, Chair of English, Università della Valle d’Aosta

“‘Knowledge of all tongues’: The Foreign Letters of Elizabeth I”
(Three months, June – August '12)

Alex Barber, Lecturer of Early Modern History, University of Durham

“John Dyer and Scribal News”
(One month, September ’11)

Mark Bland, Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University

“The Poems of Ben Jonson”
(Two months, 25 July – 25 September ’11)

Andrew Boyle, Lecturer in History, Brasenose College, Oxford

“Samuel Daniel’s Collection of the History of England”
(Three months, April – June ’12)

Alan Bryson, Research Associate and Tutor of English, Sheffield University

“Lordship and Politics in the Reign of Edward VI”
(Two months, March – May ’12)

Christopher Burlinson, Fellow and College Lecturer in English, Jesus College Cambridge

“The Poems of Richard Corbett: A Social Edition”
(One month, 16 January - 17 February '12)

Marie-Louise Coolahan, Lecturer in English, National University of Ireland, Galway

“Gender and the Construction of Authorship in the Early Modern Period”
(One month, March '12)

Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney, Professor, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Łódź

“Helena Modjeska’s Career in the USA”
(Two months, August - September '11)

Kevin Curran, Assistant Professor of English, University of North Texas

“The Revels Plays Edition of Samuel Daniel’s Tragedy of Philotas”
(One month, June ’12)

Elizabeth Evenden, Lecturer in Book History, Brunel University

“Early Modern Propaganda and Printing in England and Portugal”
(Two months, 16 July – 16 September ’11)

Jill R. Fehleison, Associate Professor of History, Quinnipiac University

“Hearsay or Truth? Catholic/Protestant Polemics and the Maintenance of Religious Difference”
(One month, June ’12)

Kenneth Fincham, Professor of History, University of Kent

“Episcopacy and the Church of England, 1630-1670”
(Two months, tbd)

Frances Gage, Assistant Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art, SUNY Buffalo

“Visual Cures: Painting as Medicine in Early Modern Italy”
(Two months, March – April ’12)

Gail McMurray Gibson, Professor of English and Humanities, Davidson College

“Cox Macro, The Macro Plays, and the Ghosts of an East Anglian Past”
(One month, November ’11)

Paul Goring, Professor of English, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Charles Macklin and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Culture”
(Two months, October – November ’11)

Joel Halcomb, Teaching Assistant in History, University of St. Andrews

“Colonel Robert Bennett: Puritan Political Pragmatism and Religious Radicalism in the English Revolution”
(Three months, tbd)

Margaret Hannay, Professor of English, Siena College

“Appropriating David in the Renaissance”
(One month, 16 March – 15 April ’12)

Maria Hayward, Reader in Early Modern History, University of Southampton

“Courting Gloriana: Gift Giving as a Means of Social Advancement at the Court of Elizabeth I”
(One month, February ’12)

Robert Hornback, Associate Professor of English, Oglethorpe University

“Early Blackface Fools and Transnational Proto-Racism”
(Three months, December '11, May-June '12)

Alexa Huang, Associate Professor of English, George Washington University/Research Affiliate in Literature, MIT

“Shakespeare and East Asia”
(Three months, January – March ’12)

Michael Rodman Jones, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

“Protestant Medievalism”
(One month, March – April ’12)

Andras Kisery, Assistant Professor of English, City College of New York, CUNY

“Politicians in Show: Early Jacobean Drama and the Socialization of Political Competence”
(Three months, February – April ’12)

Laura L. Knoppers, Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University

“Literature, Luxury, and Nationhood in Milton’s England”
(One month, February ’12)

Julian Lamb, Assistant Professor of English, Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Early Modern Orthography, Language Reform, and Wittgenstein”
(Three months, June – August ’11)

Carole Levin, Willa Cather Professor of History, University of Nebraska

“Fantasies and Representations of the Sixteenth-Century Dead in the Stuart England Political World Imaginary”
(Two months, December ’11 – January ’12)

Lia Markey, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Humanities Forum, University of Pennsylvania

“Renaissance Invention, Collaboration and Process in Stradano’s Nova Reperte”
(One month, March '12)

Jeanne McCarthy, Assistant Professor of English, Oglethorpe University

“Schooling the Drama: The Children’s Tradition and the Transformation of Renaissance English Theater”
(Three months, December '11, May-June '12)

Kevin McGinley, Lecturer in Scottish Cultural Studies, University of the Highland and Islands

“Scotland on the Late Eighteenth-Century American Stage”
(Three months, July – September ’11)

Hiram Morgan, Professor of History, University College, Cork

“Bacon and Ireland: An Annotated Reader”
(Six weeks, tbd)

Simon P. Newman, Sir Denis Brogan Professor of American History, University of Glasgow

“Race and Bound Labour in the British Atlantic World”
(Three months, July – September ’11)

Warren Oakley, Independent Scholar, UK

“Tracing the Theatrical Life of Robert Harris”
(Two months, March – April ’12)

Viorel Panaite, Professor of Islamic-Ottoman History, University of Bucharest

“Western Navigation, Consuls and Piracy in the Ottoman Mediterranean (16th-17th centuries)”
(Three months, December ’11 – February ’12)

Veronika Schandl, Associate Professor of English Literature, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

“Elizabethan and Jacobean Theaters: The Stage and its Social Context”
(Three months, February – May ’12)

Hilda Smith, Professor of History, University of Cincinnati

“Images of Tradeswomen in Early Modern Literature and Art”
(Three months, March – May ’12)

Tracey Sowerby, Departmental Lecturer in Early Modern History, St. Hilda’s College Oxford

“Tudor Diplomatic Culture”
(One month, 20 July - 19 August '11)

Alan Stewart, Professor of English, Columbia University

“French Shakespeare”
(Three months, September - November '11)

Mihoko Suzuki, Professor of English, University of Miami

“Antigone’s Example: Gender, History, and the Politics of Civil War in Early Modern England and France”
(One month, October ’11)

Carlo Taviani, Ricercatore, Istituto Storico Italo Germanico di Trento

“Privatized States: European Companies and their Colonies from the Bank of San Giorgio to the English East India Company”
(Three months, January – March ’12)

Valerie Wayne, Professor of English, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

“Introduction to Arden 3 Cymbeline”
(Two months, April – May ’12)

Bronwen Wilson, Associate Professor of Art History, University of British Columbia

“Journeys to Constantinople: Inscription, the Horizon, and Duration in Early Modern Travel Imagery”
(Two months, September '11, June '12)

Laura Lehua Yim, Assistant Professor of English, San Francisco State University

“Fluid Propriety: Water and Authority in Spenser and Shakespeare”
(Three months, August - October)

2010–2011 short-term fellows

Charles Beem, Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

“Lord of Misrule: The Life and Times of George Ferrers”
(One month, March '11)

Sara Brooks, Lecturer, Princeton University

“Instituting Bodies, Interpreting Ancient Order: Predecessors and Protestant Institution Building”
(Two months, July – August '10)

Piers Brown, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of York

“Donne and the Situation of Literate Work in Early Modern England”
(Two months, September – October '10)

Mark Thornton Burnett, Professor of Renaissance Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast

“Shakespeare and World Cinema”
(One month, April '11)

David Carnegie, Professor of Theatre, Victoria University of Wellington

“Works of John Webster, V. 4”
(Three months, April – June '11)

Kathleen Comerford, Professor of History, Georgia Southern University

“Jesuit Foundations and Medici Power, 1541–1700”
(One month, July '10)

Ambereen Dadabhoy, Lecturer in Western Languages and Literature, Bogazici University

“The Stage Turk: Suleyman the Magnificent on the English Stage”
(Three months, March – May '11)

Jason Denman, Associate Professor of English, Utica College

“Artificial Shadows: The Skepticism of Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy”
(One month, July '10)

Francesca Di Blasio, Assistant Professor of English Literature, University of Trento

“The Antipodes in Early Modern Account: Heresy, Utopia, and Travel”
(Three months, February – March '11)

Cary Di Pietro, Sessional Lecturer II in English and Drama, University of Toronto at Mississauga

“Seeing through Shakespeare: Visual Culture and Performance in England, 1660–1960”
(One month, December '10)

Jeffrey Doty, Assistant Professor of English, West Texas A & M University

“Popularity and Publicity in Shakespeare’s Theater”
(One month, July '10)

Julie Eckerle, Assistant Professor of English, University of Minnesota, Morris

“Romancing the Self: A Study of Early Modern English-Women’s Life Writing”
(One month, June '11)

Ian Gadd, Senior Lecturer in English, Bath Spa University

“Copyright and Corporate Publishing in the Stationers’ Company, 1617–1710”
(Four months, January through July '11)

Anthony Guneratne, Associate Professor of Communication, Florida Atlantic University

“Rediscovering Shakespeare: the Role of Archives in Reconstructing the Shakespeare Film Canon”
(Two months, March – April '11)

Karl Gunther, Assistant Professor of History, University of Miami

“The Ideological Origins of English Puritanism, 1525–1590”
(One month, July '10)

R. Carter Hailey, Research Associate, The College of William and Mary

“The Shakespeare Papers”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Jeffery Hankins, Assistant Professor of History, Louisiana Tech University

“The Dangerous Days of Religious Refugees”
(Six weeks, tbd)

Jacob Heil, Independent Scholar, Baltimore, MD

“Making Poems: A Bibliographic Investigation of Poems by J.D.”
(One month, July '10)

Jonathan Hsy, Assistant Professor of English, George Washington University

“Polyglot Production: Multilingual Writing and London Trade, 1340–1540”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Mariko Ichikawa, Professor [of English], Tohoku University

“A Study of Early Modern Basic Theatrical Terms”
(Three months, April – June '11)

Robert Jones, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Leeds

“Mary Tickell’s Letters to her Sister”
(One month, July '10)

Sean Keilen, Associate Professor of English, College of William and Mary

“Circle of Affection: Imitation and Tradition in Renaissance Poetry”
(Three months, June – August '10)

Gerard Kilroy, Honorary Visiting Professor, University College London

“’Beyond the sownde of tounge or quill’: the Impact, in Print and in Manuscript, of Edmund Campion, S.J.”
(Three months, tbd)

Brian Lockey, Associate Professor of English, St. John’s University

“Catholics, Royalists, Cosmopolitans: Writing at the Margins of Early Modern England”
(One month, March '11)

Jesus López-Peláez Casellas, Associate Professor of English, University of Jaén

“The Representation of the Muslim, Jewish, and Spanish Other in the Construction of the English Early Modern Identity”
(Six weeks, July – August '10)

Katherine Maynard, Associate Professor of French, Washington College

“Guillaume Du Bartas’ Epic Endeavors”
(One month, July '10)

Richard C. McCoy, Professor of English, Queens College, CUNY

“Faith in Shakespeare”
(Two months, November – December '10)

David McInnis, Ph.D. Candidate (degree in hand by time of residence), University of Melbourne

“The Lost Plays Database (”
(One month, February '11)

Dieter Mehl, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Bonn

“A Variorum Edition of Shakespeare’s ‘Poems’”
(Two months, May – June '11)

Shannon Miller, Professor of English, Temple University

“On the Margins of History: Studies in Pamphlet Collections”
(Three months, March – May '11)

Melissa Mowry, Associate Professor of English, St. John’s University

“Ties that Bind: The Hermeneutics of Collectivity and the English Literary Imagination, 1642–1748”
(Three months, August – October '10)

Alan H. Nelson, Professor Emeritus of English, University of California, Berkeley

“The Library, Manuscripts, Life, and Opinions of Richard Smith (1590–1675)”
(Three months, September – November '10)

Webster Newbold, Associate Professor of English, Ball State University

“The English Secretary by Angel Day: a Critical Edition”
(One month, July '10)

Corinne Noirot-Maguire, Assistant Professor of French, Virginia Tech

“Jean de la Taille’s Dramatic Quill”
(One month, March '11)

Veronica O’Mara, Senior Lecturer, University of Hull

“A Critical Edition of Thomas Wimbledon’s Paul’s Cross Sermon of c. 1387”
(One month, May '11)

Jose Roberto O’Shea, Professor of English, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

“Annotated Verse Translation of Shakespeare’s Two Noble Kinsmen”
(Three months, August – October '10)

Lena Cowen Orlin, Professor of English, Georgetown University

“The Textual Life of Things in Early Modern England”
(Two months, June – September '10)

Mark Rankin, Assistant Professor of English, James Madison University

“The Myth of Henry VIII in Early Modern England”
(Three months, January – March '11)

Dosia Reichardt, Lecturer, James Cook University

“‘Death in a New Dress’: Seventeenth-Century Comic Elegies and the Culture of Mourning”
(One month, November '10)

Kate Rumbold, Research Fellow, Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham

“Shakespeare Anthologized”
(Two months, June – July '11)

Monica Santini, Research Fellow, University of Padua

“The Queen’s Other Isle: Elizabeth I’s Letters to Ireland”
(Two months, October – November '10)

Kathryn Schwarz, Associate Professor of English, Vanderbilt University

“Counterfactual Women: Femininity and Teleology in Early Modern England”
(Three months, October – December '10)

Marlis Schweitzer, Assistant Professor of Theatre, York University

“Bringing the World to Broadway: Tracking the Transnational Trade in Theatrical Commodities”
(Two months, tbd)

Jessica Sharkey, Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge

“Thomas Wolsey’s Reputation and its European Context”
(Three months, September – November)

Ian Smith, Professor of English, Lafayette College

“Fabricated Identities: Racial Cross-Dressing on the Early Modern Stage”
(One month, October '10)

Abraham Stoll, Associate Professor of English, University of San Diego

“Thus Conscience in Early Modern England”
(One month, June '10)

Felicity Stout, Research Associate, University of Sheffield

“Giles Fletcher the Elder and the Elizabethan Commonwealth”
(Two months, July – August '10)

Catherine Thomas, Assistant Professor of English, College of Charleston

“Shakespeare and the Graphic Arts: Sketching the Past”
(One month, March '10)

Anke Timmermann, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Glasgow

“How Bess of Hardwick Read the News”
(One month, May – June '11)

David Trim, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Reading

“Tyranny, Resistance, and the Calvinist Ideology of Holy War, 1560–1650”
(Three months, August – September '10)

Angus Vine, Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, University of Sussex

“Manuscripts, Merchants, and Miscellanea”
(One month, July – August '10)

Andrew Walkling, Dean’s Assistant Professor of Early Modern Studies, SUNY, Binghamton

“Instruments of Absolutism: Restoration Court Culture and the Epideictic Mode”
(Three months, April – June '11)

J. Christopher Warner, Professor of English, Le Moyne College

“Tottel’s Miscellany in the Marian Book Market”
(Three months, December '10 – February '11)

Adrian C. Weimer, Instructional Assistant Professor of Religion, University of Mississippi

“Divine Consolations: A Cultural History of Affliction”
(One month, tbd)

Joshua Westgard, Haslam Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Marco Institute, University of Tennessee

“Bede’s History and its Readers in the Age of Print”
(One month, July '10)

Rachel Willie, Teaching Associate in English, University of York

“Staging Revolution: Drama, Reinvention, and Historical Interpretation”
(Two months, January – March '11)

David Worrall, Professor of English, Nottingham Trent University

“Performing Britannia”
(One month, December '10 – January '11)

2009–2010 short-term fellows

Panagiota Batsaki, Fellow in English, St. John’s College, Cambridge

“Narratives of Experience: Empiricism, Induction, and the Eighteenth-Century Novel”

Julie Biggs, Senior Paper Conservator, Library of Congress

“The Conservation of Iron-Gall Ink on Paper”

Erika Boeckeler, Assistant Professor of English, Kenyon College

“The Dramatization of the Alphabet in the Renaissance”

Joyce Boro, Associate Professor of English, Université de Montréal

A Critical Edition and Study of the Reception of Margaret Tyler’s Mirrour of Princely Deeds and Knighthood

Tom Cartelli, Professor of English and Film Studies, Muhlenberg College

“Producing Disorder: The Construction of Misrule in Early Modern England, New England, and Ireland: 1570–1640”

Raz Chen-Morris, Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bar Ilan University

“The Quality of Nothing and the Visual Economy of Early Modern Science”

Christopher Crosbie, Assistant Professor of English, North Carolina State University

“Philosophies of Retribution: Noumena, Phenomena, And Early Modern Revenge Tragedy”

Eamon Darcy, Ph.D. candidate, Trinity College, Dublin (degree by residency)

“The 1641 Depositions and Contemporary Print Culture”

Andrew Escobedo, Associate Professor of English, Ohio University (declined)

“Renaissance Allegories of the Will”

Lori Anne Ferrell, Professor of Early Modern History and Literature, Claremont Graduate University

“The St. Paul’s Sermons of John Donne, 1623–25”

Andrew Foster, Visiting Fellow, University of Southampton

“Dioceses of England & Wales”

Susan Frye, Professor of English, University of Wyoming

“The Iconography of Mary Queen of Scots”

David George, Professor of English, Urbana College

"A New Variorum Coriolanus"

Stuart Gillespie, Reader in English Literature, University of Glasgow

“The Classics in Translation, Publication and Performance, 1558–1660”

Kathryn Gucer, Lecturer in English, Northwestern University

“Revolution Across”

Andrew Hadfield, Professor of English, University of Sussex

"A Biography of Edmund Spenser"

Robert Hornback, Associate Professor of English and Theater, Oglethorpe University

“Early Blackface Fools and their Legacy”

Herbert A. Johnson, Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, University of South Carolina

“Sir Edward Coke and the Divergence of English and American Constitutionalism”

Janet Johnson, Scholar-in-Residence, Newberry Library

“Shakespeare’s Romeo and Dante’s Giulietta: The Story of a Myth in Music”

Eric Johnson-DeBaufre, Ph.D. candidate, Boston University (degree by residency)

“The Letters of Nathaniel Bacon and the Memorialization of Kett’s Rebellion”

John King, Humanities Distinguished Professor of English and Religious Studies, The Ohio State University

“The Reformation of the Book, 1450–1650”

Chris Kyle, Associate Professor of History, Syracuse University

“The Oxford Francis Bacon, Vol. VII”

Dalia Leonardo, Assistant Professor/Metadata Librarian, Mina Rees Library, CUNY

“‘Behold the air filled with prayers and processions’: The Catholic League in Paris, 1589–1593”

Jenny Mann, Assistant Professor of English, Cornell University

“Outlaw Rhetoric: Vernacular Eloquence in Early Modern England”

Timothy McCall, Assistant Professor of Art History, Villanova University

“Art, Gender, and Chivalric Masculinity in Early Renaissance Italy”

Russ McDonald, Professor of English Literature, Goldsmith’s College, University of London

“Elizabethan Poetics and the Culture of Symmetry”

Mary Pollard Murray, Assistant Professor of English, Columbia University

“The Poet and the Prison from Chaucer to Milton”

Joseph Navitsky, Assistant Professor of English, University of Southern Mississippi

“Religious Conflict and the Rearticulation of Early Modern Satire”

Louise Noble, Lecturer in English, University of New England (Australia)

"‘Floating Upwards’: The Rhetoric and Practice of Water Management in Early Modern England"

Marcy Norton, Associate Professor of History, George Washington University

“The Limits of Anthropocentrism: People and Animals in the Early Modern World”

Elizabeth Pallitto, Independent Scholar

“Courtier, Courtesan, Heretic, Saint: Public Image and Private Polemics of Four Writers in Counter-Reformation Italy”

Varsha Panjwani, Ph.D. candidate, University of York (degree by residency)

“Performing Renaissance Drama: Collaboration versus Shakespeare”

Gerard Passannante, Assistant Professor of English, University of Maryland

“Gabriel Harvey and the Deep Analogy”

Douglas Pfeiffer, Assistant Professor of English, Stony Brook University, SUNY

“Renaissance Literary Biography and the Making of Authorial Intent”

Beth Quitslund, Associate Professor of English, Ohio University

"The Whole Booke of Psalmes: A Critical Edition"

Shankar Raman, Associate Professor of English, MIT

“A World of Figures”

Nigel Ramsay, Senior Research Fellow, History, University College London

“The Heraldic Manuscripts in the Folger Shakespeare Library and their Scribes”

Emma Rhatigan, Lecturer in Renaissance Literature, Queen’s University Belfast

“John Donne’s Sermons Preached at the Inns of Court: A Critical Edition”

Katherine Rowe, Professor of English, Bryn Mawr

“Robert Hamilton Ball Papers: Exhibition and Theory”

Regina Schwartz, Professor of English, Northwestern University

“Idolatry in Early Modern England”

Sarah K. Scott, Assistant Professor of English, Mount St. Mary’s University

“Performance Index: New Variorum Edition of Julius Caesar”

Garrett Sullivan, Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University

“Sleep and the Human in the Renaissance”

Stephen Taylor, Professor of Early Modern History, University of Reading

“Newsletters, Newspapers, and News Networks: English Perception of Europe in the Late Seventeenth Century”

Wendy Thompson, Independent Scholar

“The Mysteries of Fancesco Marcolini’s Le Sorti”

Daniel Vitkus, Associate Professor of English, Florida State University

“Anglo-Islamic Exchange, English Renaissance Texts, and the Origins of Modernity”

Anthony James West, Independent Scholar

“First Folio Project”

Lina Wilder, Assistant Professor of English, Connecticut College

“Shakespeare’s Memory Theater”

Paul Yachnin, Tomlinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies, McGill University

“Shakespearean Publicity”

2008–2009 short-term fellows

Geoff Baker, Temporary Lecturer in Early Modern History, Keele University

“Catholic Reading Practices and Cultural Politics in Early Modern England, c. 1580–1715”

Mark Bayer, Assistant Professor of English, American University of Beirut

“Nineteenth-Century American Editions of Shakespeare”

Peter Beal, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, University of London

“Catalogue of English Literary Manuscripts, 1450–1700”

Elizabeth Bearden, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Maryland

“Repainting Romance: Ekphrasis and Otherness in Renaissance Imitation of Greek Romance”

Ilona Bell, Professor of English, Williams College

“An Edition of Mary Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus”

Anston Bosman, Associate Professor of English, Amherst College

“The Northern Way: Renaissance England in North Sea Culture”

Ruth Connolly, Research Associate, School of English, Newcastle University

“The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick”

Alice Dailey, Assistant Professor of English, Villanova University

“From Acts to Monuments: Martyrology and the English Reformation”

Holly Dugan, Assistant Professor of English, The George Washington University

“The Ephemeral History of Perfume: Scent and Sense in Early Modern England”

Gabriel Egan, Reader in Shakespeare Studies, Loughborough University

“Reading Shakespeare’s Mind: Twentieth-Century Editorial Theory and Practice”

Anthony Ellis, Assistant Professor of English, Western Michigan University

“‘Il Shax’: Literary Translations, Theatrical Adaptations of Shakespeare in Italy”

Catherine Field, Assistant Professor of English, San Diego State University

“‘Many Hands’: Early Modern Englishwomen’s Recipes and the Writing of Food, Politics, and the Self”

Valerie Forman, Assistant Professor of English, University of Colorado, Boulder

“Developing New Worlds: Property, Freedom, and the Economics of Representation in Early Modern England”

Thomas Freeman, Research Officer, John Foxe Project, University of Sheffield

“A Comparative Analysis of the Protestant Martyrologies”

David Greer, Emeritus Professor of Music, Durham University

“An Edition of Musica Transalpina”

Joseph J. Gwara, Associate Professor of Spanish, United States Naval Academy

“A Gallery of Grotesques: Woodcut Initials in Sixteenth-Century English Books”

F. Elizabeth Hart, Associate Professor of English, University of Connecticut, Storrs

“Reading, Consciousness, and Renaissance Romance”

Grace Ioppolo, Reader in English Literature, University of Reading

“Dulwich College: The First Early Modern Theater History Library”

Miriam Jacobson, Assistant Professor of English, Wake Forest University

“Antiquity and the East in Early Modern English Poetry”

Carol Ann Johnston, Associate Professor of English, Dickinson College

“‘Heavenly Perspective’: Thomas Traherne and Seventeenth-Century Visual Traditions”

Lisa Kasmer, Assistant Professor of English, Clark University

“Regendering History: Gender and Genres of History, 1760–1840”

Krista Kesselring, Associate Professor of History, Dalhousie University

“Criminal Forfeitures in English Law, c. 1170–1870”

Gerard Kilroy, Independent Scholar, Bath, England

“Controlling the Margins: A Bibliographic Study of the Works of Sir John Harington (1560–1612)”

Maria Koundoura, Associate Professor of Literature, Emerson College

“Desire Lines: Metaphors of the Global City”

Barbara Kreps, Associate Professor of English, Emerita, University of Pisa

“Legal Theory, Legal Practice, and Early Modern Theater”

Angela Locatelli, Professor of English, University of Bergamo

“Rhetoric as an Interface Between Different Epistemologies in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England”

Gail Marshall, Reader in Nineteenth-Century Literature, Oxford Brookes University

“Ellen Terry and Shakespeare”

Jeffrey Masten, Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies, Northwestern University

“Spelling Shakespeare and Other Essays in Queer Philology”

Kirk Melnikoff, Assistant Professor of English, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

“The Literary and Political Ventures of Nicholas Ling”

Nick Moschovakis, Independent Scholar, Washington, DC

“Shakespeare, Vergilian?: Allusion and Early Ironic Readings of Aeneid 6”

Paul Nelles, Associate Professor of History, Carleton University

“Christoph Froschauer and Conrad Gesner: Printing in Zurich Between the Reformation and the Renaissance”

Meredith Neuman, Assistant Professor of Early American Literature, Clark University

“Letter and Spirit: Theories of the Sermon in Puritan New England”

Aysha Pollnitz, Research Fellow in History, Trinity College, Cambridge

“The Theory and Practice of Consilium in the Reign of Mary I”

Jordi Sanchez-Marti, Assistant Professor of English, University of Alicante

“Palmerin d’Oliva: An Edition of the English Translation”

Marc Schachter, Assistant Professor of French, Duke University

“Desiring Philology and the History of Sexuality”

Richard Schoch, Professor of the History of Culture, Queen Mary, University of London

“Henry Irving and Shakespeare”

Michael Steppat, Professor of English Literature, University of Bayreuth

“New Variorum Edition of The Merry Wives of Windsor”

Michael Suarez, SJ, Associate Professor of English, Fordham University

“Plate Subscription and the Patronage of Engravings for Learned Books in England from John Ogilby to the Oxford University Press”

Kathy Temple, Associate Professor of English, Georgetown University

“Lady Law Lies Alone: Women, Law, and Culture in the Anglo-American Eighteenth Century”

David Trim, Visiting Professor of History, Pacific Union College

“The Puritan Ideology of Holy War in Continental Context, c. 1560–1640”

Michael Witmore, Associate Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon University

“Wisdom and the Book of Experience”

James Woolley, Smith Professor of English, Lafayette College

“The Canon and Chronology of Swift’s Poems”