Folger Institute 2014–2015 short-term fellows

Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2014–2015 year. See previous Folger Institute short-term fellows for a multi-year list of previous fellows.

Harriet Archer, English, Newcastle University

"Reading Poetic Authority in 1570s England: Manuscript Marginalia to English Printed Poetry in the Folger Collection"

Tamara Atkin, English, Queen Mary University of London

"Play and Book: Drama‚ Reading‚ and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England"

Anna Bertolet, English, Auburn University

"Written in Thread on Contested Ground: Gender and Needlework in Early Modern England"

Joshua Calhoun, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Revising the Past: Ink Blots‚ Erasure‚ and Ecologies of Inscription in Renaissance England"

Clare Carroll, Comparative Literature, Queen’s College, CUNY

"The Uses of Spenser’s A View of the Present State of Ireland"

Antonio Castore, Humanities, University of Turin

"Pericles‚ Prince of Tyre: A New Translation and Critical Edition in Italian"

Leah Chang, French, The George Washington University

"Two Queens: Maternity and the Embodiment of Sovereignty in Early Modern France and England"

Katharine Cleland, English, Virginia Tech University

"Fictions of Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern England"

Rita Costa-Gomes, History, Towson University

"A Cartographer’s Tale: Boazio's 1588 View of Santiago"

Lezlie Cross, Drama, University of Washington

"The Nineteenth-Century Shakespeare Dramaturg: William Winter and Horace Howard Furness"

Cesare Cuttica, English Studies, Paris University

"Fighting the Monstrous ‘Many-Headed Multitude’: Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England ca. 1580-1640"

Surekha Davies, History, Western Connecticut State University

"Mapping the Peoples of the New World: Ethnography‚ Imagery, and Knowledge in Renaissance Europe"

Vivian Davis, English, University of Arkansas

"Genres of the Moment: David Garrick Between Tragedy and Comedy"

Eoin Devlin, History, University of Cambridge

"British Responses to the Baroque‚ c.1603–c.1797"

Derek Dunne, English, Queen’s University, Belfast

"Vindictive Justice‚ Participatory Revenge"

Rebecca Emmett, History, St. John’s College, Oxford

"Publishing Networks in Elizabethan London: The Case of Thomas Man"

Alan Galey, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

"Visualizing Variation in Shakespeare and Early Modern Books"

David Gehring, Theology and Religion, Durham University

"Anglo-German Translations and Travel‚ 1558–1603"

Musa Gurnis, English, Washington University

"Heterodox Drama: Theater in Post-Reformation London"

Vanessa Harding, History‚ Classics & Archaeology, Birbeck, University of London

"Richard Smyth (1590–1675) and His Books"

Megan Heffernan, English, DePaul University

"Each Part Together: Form‚ Collections‚ and the Poetic Imagination in Tottel’s England"

Brett Hirsch, English and Cultural Studies, The University of Western Australia

"Reproducing Renaissance Drama‚ 1744–2014"

Katherine Hunt, Literature‚ Drama‚ and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

"Arts of Variation: Permutational Practices and the Shape of Change in Seventeenth-Century English Writing"

Bruce Janacek, History, North Central College

"Elias Ashmole: A Study in Virtuosity"

Claire Jowitt, English, University of Southampton

"Critical Edition of Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations: Volume XIV"

Darcy Kern, History, McDaniel College

"Tyranny in Translation: The Reception of Paolo Sarpi in Renaissance England"

David Lawrence, History, Trent University

"England’s Merchant Soldiers: Civic Militarism and Military Performance in the Early Stuart Period"

Kat Lecky, English, Arkansas State University

"The Laureate Poetics of Pocket Maps in Renaissance Britain"

Catherine Loomis, English, University of New Orleans

"The John Jack Promptbook"

Fabio Luppi, Education Science, Roma Tre University

"New Edition and First Italian Translation of the Jacobean Play by John Marston and Others: The Insatiate Countess"

Jack Lynch, English, Rutgers University

"The Shakespeare Phantom: The Lives of William Henry Ireland"

Kate Narveson, English, Luther College

"Resting Assured: Devotional Reading and the Creation of Emotion"

Sandrine Parageau, English Studies, University of Paris, West, Nanterre Nanterre La Défense

"Spreading the Word of a Woman Kabbalist: A Translation of Anne Conway’s The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy (1690/1692)"

Jared Richman, English, Colorado College

"(In)audible Bodies and (In)visible Voices: Elocution and Disability in the Long Eighteenth Century"

Leslie Ritchie, English, Queen’s University

"David Garrick and the Mediation of Celebrity"

Jenny Sager, English, The University of Nottingham

"The Friar Bacon Plays: Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay and John of Bordeaux"

Anita Sherman, English, American University

'"The Skeptical Imagination of Margaret Cavendish"

Monika Smialkowska, Humanities, Northumbria University

"Shakespeare 1916: Local and Global Perspectives"

Courtney Smith, English, Wesleyan University

"Empiricist Devotions: Scrutinizing Nature in Early Eighteenth-Century England"

Claire Sponsler, English, The University of Iowa

"Reading the Beauchamp Pageant"

Tatiana String, Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Masculinity and the Male Body in Renaissance Art"

Mark Vareschi, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Everywhere and Nowhere: The Anonymous Text‚ 1660–1790"

Julianne Werlin, English, The University of Southern California

"Informers and Information in Francis Bacon’s Thought"

John West, English, University of Exeter

"Literature and the Succession of Charles II‚ 1649–1661"

Jay Zysk, English, University of South Florida

"Shadow and Substance: Reading the Eucharist in Medieval and Early Modern English Drama"