Margreta de Grazia

This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

Scholarly Programs

Speaker, Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography (Conference, 2013–2014)

Director, Periodization and Hamlet in 2000 (Seminar, 1999–2000)

Speaker, Constructing the Early Modern (Seminar, 1997–1998)

Speaker, The Graphic Revolution in Early Modern Europe: The Politics and Technologies of Representation in Visual, Literary, and Theatrical Arts from 1400 to 1660 (NEH Summer Institute, 1994)

Speaker, Shakespeare, the Body, and the Material Text (Seminar, 1991–1992)

Visiting faculty, Shakespeare and the History of Taste (Summer Institute, 1990)

Public Programs

Lecturer, Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "The Latest Hamlet" (2000)