MARC 774 Constituent Unit Entry

MARC field 774 in the Bibliographic format contains information about a constituent unit associated with a larger bibliographic unit. It is used in the parent record, with reciprocal 773 fields in the child (or analytic) records containing information about the larger bibliographic unit.

Commonly-used tags

1st indicator – Note controller

0 - Display note
1 - Do not display note

2nd indicator – Display constant controller

# - Constituent unit
8 - No display constant generated

Subfield delimiters

ǂa - Main entry heading
ǂb - Edition 
ǂd - Place, publisher, and date of publication
ǂg - Related parts
ǂh - Physical description
ǂi - Relationship information
ǂn - Note
ǂo - Other item identifier
ǂt - Title
ǂw - Record control number

Policy and formulation

  • Routinely add a 774 when cataloging a component item that is part of a larger bibliographic unit. Examples: a supplemental issue of a journal, a single porcelain from the Babette Craven collection, a print from a book that is being cataloged as an in-analytic record.
  • Voyager generates an embedded "Related items" list into a record based on the contents of the 774 ‡o. There are two options:
    • Add the BIB ID - without a prefix, unlike the ‡w - of a target record.
‡t British theater (1808) ‡g vol. 11 ‡o 67409 ‡w (DFo)67409
    • Add the exact text string found in the 773 ‡t of a target record. (In the example below, all Craven collection items have a reciprocal 773 ‡t Babette Craven collection of theatrical memorabilia.)
‡n Records for items in the collection all have a 773 ‡t with the title: ‡o Babette Craven collection of theatrical memorabilia


  • If the field contains a ‡t, that text string will be included in any Title search in Hamnet.
  • Otherwise, the field is not searchable in Hamnet or Voyager.

Voyager configuration

As of December 5, 2017, Hamnet is set up so that a non-displaying 774 generates a list of contents (up to three records) or a link to a separate page of contents (if more than three records) based on any of the folllowing:


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