List of ISBNs for Folger editions

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The International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for the Folger editions are as follows.

All's Well That Ends Well ISBN 0-7434-8497-5
Antony and Cleopatra ISBN 0-7434-8285-9
As You Like It ISBN 0-7434-8486-X
The Comedy of Errors ISBN 0-7434-8488-6
Coriolanus ISBN 0-671-72258-6
Cymbeline ISBN 0-671-72259-X
Hamlet ISBN 0-7434-7712-X
Henry IV, Part 1 ISBN 0-7434-8504-1
Henry IV, Part 2 ISBN 0-7434-8505-X
Henry V ISBN 0-7434-8487-8
Henry VI, Part 1 ISBN 0-671-72266-2
Henry VI, Part 2 ISBN 0-671-72267-8
Henry VI, Part 3 ISBN 0-671-72268-9
Henry VIII ISBN 0-7432-7330-3
Julius Caesar ISBN 0-7434-8274-3
King John ISBN 0-7434-8498-3
King Lear ISBN 0-7434-8276-X
Love's Labor's Lost ISBN 0-7434-8492-3
Macbeth ISBN 0-7434-7710-3
Measure for Measure ISBN 0-7434-8490-9
The Merchant of Venice ISBN 0-7434-7756-1
The Merry Wives of Windsor ISBN 0-671-72278-6
A Midsummer Night's Dream ISBN 0-7434-7754-5
Much Ado About Nothing ISBN 0-7434-8275-1
Othello ISBN 0-7434-7755-3
Pericles ISBN 0-7432-7329-X
Richard II ISBN 0-7434-8491-6
Richard III ISBN 0-7434-8284-0
Romeo and Juliet ISBN 0-7434-7711-1
Shakespeare's Sonnets ISBN 0-671-72287-5
Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems ISBN 0-7432-7328-1
The Taming of the Shrew ISBN 0-7434-7757-X
The Tempest ISBN 0-7434-8283-2
Timon of Athens ISBN 0-671-72291-3
Titus Andronicus ISBN 0-671-72292-1
Troilus and Cressida ISBN 0-671-72266-2
Twelfth Night ISBN 0-7434-8277-8
The Two Gentlemen of Verona ISBN 0-671-72295-6
The Two Noble Kinsmen ISBN 0-671-72296-8
The Winter's Tale ISBN 0-7434-8489-4