List of Folger Booklets on Tudor and Stuart Civilization

The Folger Booklets on Tudor and Stuart Civilization was a series of short pamphlets published by the Folger Shakespeare Library from 1958 to 1971. The pamphlets were written by members of the Folger staff and researchers. Some titles in the series were reprinted under the series title "Folger Guides to the Age of Shakespeare."

Volume Title Author Publication year Hamnet
1 Music in Elizabethan England Dorothy E. Mason 1958 DA312 .F6 v.1
2 The English Church in the Sixteenth Century Craig R. Thompson 1958 DA312 .F6 v.2
3 Shakespeare's Theatre and the Dramatic Tradition Louis B. Wright 1958 DA312 .F6 v.3
4 The Life of William Shakespeare Giles E. Dawson 1958 DA312 .F6 vol. 4 Copy 1
5 English Dress in the Age of Shakespeare Virginia LaMar 1958 DA312 .F6 v.5
6 The Bible in English Craig R. Thompson 1958 DA312 .F6 v.6
7 Schools in Tudor England Craig R. Thompson 1958 DA312 .F6 v.7
8 Universities in Tudor England Craig R. Thompson 1959 DA312 .F6 vol. 8 Copy 1
9 English Sports and Recreations Lilly C. Stone 1960 DA312 .F6 v.9
10 The Government of England Under Elizabeth Conyers Read 1960 DA312 .F6 v.10
11 Travel and Roads in England Virginia LaMar 1960 DA312 .F6 v.11
12 The Art of War in Renaissance England John R. Hale 1961 DA312 .F6 v. 12
13 The Yeoman in Tudor and Stuart England Albert J. Schmidt 1961 DA312 .F6 v.13
14 The Authorship of Shakespeare James G. McManaway 1962 DA312 .F6 v.14
15 Tudor and Early Stuart Voyaging Boies Penrose 1962 DA312 .F6 vol. 15 Copy 1
16 The "Invincible" Armada and Elizabethan England Garrett Mattingly 1963 DA312 .F6 v.16
17 Early English Gardens and Garden Books Ellen C. Eyler 1963 DA312 .F6 v.17
18 Dutch Influences on English Culture, 1558-1625 D.W. Davies 1964 DA312 .F6 v.18
19 The Elizabethan Image of Italy John L. Lievesay 1964 DA312 .F6 v.19
20 Elizabeth I and the Puritans William Heller 1964 DA312 .F6 v.20
21 Scotland in the Time of Shakespeare T.I. Rae 1965 DA312 .F6 v.21
22 English Sea Power in the Early Tudor Period, 1485-1558 Elaine W. Fowler 1965 DA312 .F6 v.22
23 The Development of Natural History in Tudor England F.D. and J.F.M Hoeniger 1969 DA312 .F6 v.23
24 The Growth of Natural History in Stuart England from Gerard to the Royal Society F.D. and J.F.M Hoeniger 1969 DA312 .F6 v.24
25 The Elizabethan Image of Africa Eldred D. Jones 1971 DA312 .F6 v.25