Kathleen Lynch

This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute. Kathleen Lynch is the Executive Director of the Folger Institute. The list below is a partial representation of her contributions to life at the Folger.

Scholarly Programs

Co-orgranizer (with Paul Yachnin, Stephen Wittek, and Owen Williams), Early Modern Theatre and Conversion (Symposium, 2016–2017)

Co-organizer (with Andrew Morrall, Deborah Krohn, and Owen Williams), Cultural Histories of the Material World (Workshop, 2015–2016)

Program Director, Teaching Shakespeare Institute (NEH Institute, 2014)

Co-organizer (with Brian Cummings and David Schalkwyk), Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography (Conference, 2013–2014)

Co-organizer (with Palmira Brummett and Patricia Fortini Brown, Early Modern Cities in Comparative Perspective (Conference, 2012–2013)

Co-organizer (with Owen Williams and Sarah Werner), Teaching Book History (Workshop, 2012–2013)

Co-organizer (with Lori Anne Ferrell), An Anglo-American History of the KJV (Conference, 2011–2012)

Co-organizer (with Jane Tylus and Karen Newman), Early Modern Translation: Theory, History, Practice (Conference, 2010–2011)

Co-organizer (with Paul E. J. Hammer), Reassessing Henry VIII (Workshop, 2010–2011)

Co-organizer (with Greg Walker), The Second Shepherds’ Play and Early Drama Studies (Workshop, 2007–2008)

Co-organizer (with Theodore Leinwand and Barbara A. Mowat), Shakespeare in American Education, 1607–1934 (Conference, 2006–2007)

Co-organizer (with Anthony Grafton and Ann Blair), Further Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2005–2006)

Co-organizer (with Anthony Grafton), Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2001–2002)

Co-organizer (with Leeds Barroll), The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Early Modern Europe: From 1453 to the Death of Ahmed I (Conference, 2001–2002)

Organizer, Mapping the Early Modern World (Conference, 1997–1998)