Folger Institute 2015–2016 short-term fellows

Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2015–2016 year. See previous Folger Institute short-term fellows for a multi-year list of previous fellows.

Ruth Ahnert, English and Drama, Queen Mary University London

"Tudor Networks of Power"

Valerie Bajou, Curator, Chateau de Versailles

"The Image of Ophelia in the Visual Arts in Europe"

Graydon Beeks, Jr, Music History, Pomona College

"The Covent Garden Theatre Orchestra 1757–1767"

Pamela Benson, English, Rhode Island College

"Aemilia Lanyer’s Passions"

Liza Blake, English, University of Toronto

"Early Modern Literary Physics"

Claire Bowditch, English and Drama, Loughborough University

"The Folger Shakespeare Library’s Materials in the Cambridge Edition of the Writings of Aphra Behn"

Mark Thornton Burnett, English, Queen’s University, Belfast

Hamlet and World Cinema”

Vincent Carey, History, State University of New York at Plattsburgh

"Murder on the Border of the Pale: A Sixteenth-Century Irish Microhistory"

Kimberly Coles, English, University of Maryland

"‘A Fault of Humour’: The Constitution of Belief in Early Modern England"

Megan Cook, English, Colby College

"Chaucer and Early Modern Antiquarianism"

Andrew Devereux, History, Loyola Marymount University

"The Other Side of Empire: Spain, the Mediterranean, and the Evolution of Universalist Imperial Ideologies, 1479–1551"

Dennis Duncan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Bodleian Libraries Center for the Study of the Book, Oxford

"A Survey of English Book Indexes‚ 1500–1600"

Rachel Eisendrath, English, Barnard College

"Renaissance Ekphrasis: Art and Artifact"

Claire Farago, Art History, University of Colorado, Boulder

"Art as Institution: The Fabrication of Leonardo da Vinci’s Treatise on Painting, 1651"

J. Caitlin Finlayson, English, University of Michigan, Dearborn

"Shakespeare and Comics"

David Gants, English, Florida State University

"An Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography"

John Garrison, English, Carroll University

"The Classical Love Elegy in Early Modern England: Desire‚ Mourning‚ and Memory"

Genelle Gertz, English, Washington and Lee University

"What Happened to Women Mystics After 1534?"

Jessica Goethals, Postdoctoral Fellow, Villa I Tatti

"The Enduring Textual Afterlife of the Sack of Rome (1527)"

Nicholas Hardy, Research Fellow, English, Trinity College, Cambridge

"The Late Humanist ars critica in Seventeenth-Century England: a Study in Educational Diffusion"

Elaine Hobby, English and Drama, Loughborough University

"The Folger Shakespeare Library’s Materials in the Cambridge Edition of the Writings of Aphra Behn"

John Hunt, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

"Gaming and Sociability in the Streets of Early Modern Rome"

Newton Key, History, Eastern Illinois University

"The Rye House Plot and the Association Crisis"

Peter Kirwan, English, University of Nottingham

"Marlowe’s Early Books: Henry VI and The Whole Contention"

Ivan Lupic, English, Stanford University

"Subjects of Advice: Drama and Counsel in Early Modern England"

Laurie Maguire, English, Magdalen College, Oxford

"Typographical Tales"

Glen McGillivray, Theater History, University of Sydney

"Communities of Sentiment: Actors‚ Audiences and Emotions in the English Theatre, 1710–1812"

Christia Mercer, Philosophy, Columbia University

"Feeling the Way to Truth: Women, Reason, and the Development of Modern Philosophy"

Meredith Neuman, English, Clark University

"Coming to Terms with Early American Poetry"

Lucy Nicholas, History, Tel Aviv University

"Intellectual Networks in the European Reformation: Johannes Sturm and Humanism Across Boundaries"

Marissa Nicosia, English, Scripps College

"‘A Historie‚ Couch’d in a Play’ : Historical Futures in Seventeenth-Century Drama"

Jason Powell, English, Saint Joseph’s University

"The Complete Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, volume 2"

Suparna Roychoudhury, English, Mount Holyoke College

"Phantasmatic Shakespeare: Imagination in the Age of Early Modern Science"

Lorenzo Sacchini, Italian Literature, University of Mary Washington

"The Duke of Mantua’s Loves in an Italian Manuscript of the Seventeenth Century (Folger Library‚ MS V.a. 569)"

Leslie Smith, Book Artist, University of Iowa

"Wonder and Curiosity: Broadside project"

Nicholas Smith, Archivist, Victoria & Albert Museum Archives

"An Actor’s Library: David Garrick‚ Book Collecting, and Literary Friendships"

Goran Stanivukovic, English, Saint Mary’s University

"Earliest Shakespeare"

Alan Stewart, English, Columbia University

"The Oxford Francis Bacon‚ volume II: Late Elizabethan Writings‚ 1596–1602"

Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen, English, University of Leiden

"Times of Affliction: The Religious Experience of Suffering in Early Modern Britain‚ 1550–1700"

Alexandra Walsham, History, University of Cambridge

"The Reformation of the Generations: Age, Ancestry, and Memory in England 1500–1700"

Katherine Williams, Literature, New York University, Abu Dhabi

"Irregular Bodies: Performing Disability on the Early Modern Stage"

Louise Wilson, English, University of St. Andrews

"Reading Amadis de Gaule in the Eighteenth Century: a Folger Copy and its Annotators"