CrossTalk DC: Muslim American Identity in the US (2016)

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CrossTalk DC: Muslim American Identity in the US, one of the Talks and Screenings at the Folger, was held in the Folger Theatre on Friday, Friday, July 8, 2016 at 6:00pm.

The CrossTalk series was presented alongside the Folger Theatre production of District Merchants, that brought disparate publics together to think about race and religion thoughtfully and deeply, through the lens of literature and history.

At this event, Besheer Mohamed, senior researcher at the Pew Research Center, explored the place of Muslims in the U.S., using survey data that attempts to quantify how Muslim are perceived by the larger US public and how that perception has shifted over the years. He also presented data on size and attitudes of American Muslim communities in the U.S.

Besheer Mohamed

Mr. Mohamed is a senior researcher at Pew Research Center. He is involved in the design and implementation of many of the Center’s domestic religion polls. He specializes in studying religious minorities in the U.S., with a specific focus on Muslim Americans. Before joining Pew Research Center, Mohamed worked at the University of Chicago’s Survey Lab. Mohamed received a doctorate in sociology as well as a master’s degree in Middle East studies from the University of Chicago. He is the author of The Implications of Religious Identity for American Muslims and Muslim Immigrants: Hurt by Recession but Not Complaining. He has worked on the Center’s surveys of Muslim Americans, Mormons and Asian Americans as well as its polling on religion and politics. Mohamed has presented his work at academic conferences and been interviewed as an analyst by a variety of broadcast and print media.