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==Shakespeare's Birthday==
This is a placeholder until individual disambiguation pages are created, the article will eventually be deleted.
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Contest]]
[[Earlier Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Contest winning entries]]
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: Brian Cummings: Shakespeare, Biography and Anti-Biography (2014)]]
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "Graymalkin and Other Shakespearean Celts"]] (2013)
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: Recipes for Thought: Shakespeare and the Art of the Kitchen]] (2011)
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "The Good Life in Shakespeare"]] (2010)
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "How Shakespeare Made History"]] (2008)
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "The Founders and the Bard"]] (2007)
[[Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots"]] (2003)
===Shakespeare Collection===
[[Cataloging and Preserving the Shakespeare Collection (NEH)]]
[[Shakespeare collection]]
[[Shakespeare collection development]]
===Web collections===
[[Web collection: Folger Shakespeare Library Websites and Social Media]]
[[Web collection: Shakespeare Festivals and Theatrical Companies]]
[[Web collection: William Shakespeare's 450th Birthday: Celebrations and Commentary]]
[[Shakespeare's Sisters (disambiguation)]]
==Folger Institute==
[[Center for Shakespeare Studies]]
[[Center for Shakespeare Studies program archive]]
==Folger Theatre==
==Folger Theatre==
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[[A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, 1993)]]
[[A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, 1993)]]
[[Folger Shakespeare Library]]
[[Timeline of the Folger Shakespeare Library]]
[[The National Digital Stewardship Residency program at the Folger Shakespeare Library]]
==Shakespeare Quarterly==
[[Shakespeare Quarterly]]
[[BardMetrics Shakespeare Quarterly]]
[[Folger Shakespeare Library editions of Shakespeare's works]], [[Folger Audio Editions]], [[Folger Luminary Shakespeare Apps]]
[[List of Shakespeare's works]]
[[William Shakespeare's plays]]
[[William Shakespeare's poems]]
[[William Shakespeare's sonnets]]
[[Category: Disambiguation pages]]
[[Category: Disambiguation pages]]

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