Hamlet (Shakespeare's Globe, 2012)

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Folger Theatre presented Shakespeare's Globe's Hamlet from September 8 to September 22, 2012.

Michael Benz (Hamlet), Hamlet, directed by Dominic Dromgoole and Bill Buckhurst, Shakespeare's Globe, presented by Folger Theatre, 2012. Fiona Moorhead.

The Production

The production won one Helen Hayes Award, "Outstanding Supporting Performer, Non-Resident Production" for Christopher Saul. The production was also nominated for several Helen Hayes Awards, including "Outstanding Non-Resident Production," "Outstanding Lead Actor, Non-Resident Production" for Michael Benz, and "Outstanding Supporting Performer, Non-Resident Production" for Tom Lawrence.


  • Michael Benz: Hamlet
  • Peter Bray: Rosencrantz, Marcellus, Prince Fortinbras, Osric
  • Miranda Foster: Gertrude, Second Player, Player Queen, Second Grave Digger
  • Tom Lawrence: Horatio, Reynaldo, Captain
  • Carlyss Peer: Ophelia, Voltemand
  • Matthew Romain: Laertes, Bernardo, Guildenstern, Lucianus
  • Christopher Saul: Polonius, Francisco, Player, First Grave Digger, Priest
  • Dickon Tyrrell: Claudius, Ghost, First Player, Player King

Creative team

  • William Shakespeare, Playwright
  • Dominic Dromgoole and Bill Buckhurst, Directors
  • Jonathan Fensom, Designer
  • Laura Forrest-Hay, Original Score
  • Bill Barclay, Composer/Arranger
  • Sian Williams, Choreographer
  • Paul Russell, Lighting Designer
  • Kevin McCurdy, Fight Director
  • Giles Block, Globe Associate-Text
  • Glynn MacDonald, Globe Associate-Movement
  • Martin McKellan, Voice and Dialect
  • Alison Convey, Assistant Director
  • Chloe Stephens, Assistant Choreographer
  • Ng Choon Ping, Assistant Text Work
  • Sacha Milroy, Executive Producer
  • Paul Russell, Production Manager
  • Claire Godden, UK General Management
  • Eleanor Oldham and John Luckacovic 2Luck Concepts, US General Management

Production team

  • Tom Bird, Globe to Globe Festival Director
  • Helen Hillman, Theatre Finance Manager
  • Wills, Technical Director
  • Eva Koch-Schulte, Associate Producer
  • Peter Huntley, Touring Associate
  • Charlotte Bevan, Casting and Creative Associate
  • Karishma Balani, Casting and Contracts Associate
  • Rosie Townshend, Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Phoebe Fildes, Music Assistant
  • Marion Marrs, Company Manager
  • Katherine Ellis, Theatre Assistant
  • Julia Evans, Tour Marketing and Press
  • Charlotte Hall, Adam Moore, Jason Carroll, Stage Managers
  • Tim de Vos, Deputy Technical Manager
  • Bella Lagnado, Props Coordinator
  • Kes Kayter, Simeo Tachev, Carpenters
  • Laura Rushton, Costume Supervisor
  • Jessica Houghton, Tour Wardrobe Manager
  • Jane Gonin, Sue James, Costume Makers
  • Adalia Very Tonneyck, Folger Theatre Wardrobe Head
  • Aaron Waxman, Folger Theatre Master Electrician

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Assistant Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager