Universal Short Title Catalogue

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The Universal Short Title Catalogue (USTC), developed at the University of St. Andrews, aims to include all books published in moveable type up to 1700. The Folger began the phased contribution of data to the USTC in 2023. Information from the Folger catalog is sent to the USTC as .csv files. The USTC matches Folger holdings to existing records or creates new ones based on the information in the MARC 510 Reference Citation Note (which displays in the Folger catalog as the Cited/Described in field).

Planned phases for Folger contribution

  1. Records for fully cataloged books where a USTC number is already present in the MARC 510 field (.csv file sent January 2023)
  2. Records for fully cataloged Incunabula, as exported for the Material Evidence in Incunabula Database (MEI) in May 2021
  3. Records for fully cataloged post-1500 pre-1701 books that do not contain a USTC number in the MARC 519 field
  4. Tentative: records for books fully cataloged on cards where basic author/title/imprint information has been copied into the online catalog. These records cannot be exported until additional de-duplication work has been done (some titles had already been re-cataloged book-in-hand in the online catalog; some titles where a lengthy description took up more than one card had a separate record created for each card)