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This is one of a series of articles which describes a template that will allow for consistent and easy article creation on Folgerpedia.

This page provides notes and resources for creating consistent exhibition material pages/content sections related to Folger Exhibitions.

Exhibition material sections incorporate item lists and online/print descriptive content as part of the Template for Exhibitions at the Folger articles. As best as possible, item lists should be listed after their descriptive paragraphs. Links within paragraphs should either lead to the image of an item or to a related Folgerpedia article. If not already on the page, you are welcome to add related audio files as well. For links within an item list, see the order for links in item lists.

Exhibition material examples

Exhibitions material format notes

PLEASE NOTE: This heading is singular. Exhibition material (no "s")

Topical headings (from exhibition headings) should precede any information about where the element was within an exhibition. Ex.

Enigmas and Machines (zone 3)
St. Pauls Cathedral (case 5 and wall above case 5)

If not already in place, make sure each shelf mark or call number is preceded by the words

Call number:

See Folgerpedia Manual of Style for more style guide information.

Loan & Facsimile Wording

  • LOAN courtesy of
  • FACSIMILE from

Off site resources

If possible, please link to the locations with local call numbers and image links for items loaned or shown in facsimile from other locations.

Order for links in item lists

Call number: #; displayed p. # and Finding Aid name and Blog post, The Collation and LUNA Digital Image and Binding image on LUNA.

Creating exhibition material as a new article

Title your article with the name of the exhibition, (eg. Shakespeare's the Thing exhibition material, Very Like a Whale exhibition material, Shakespeare in American Life exhibition material). When creating the page name on the Exhibitions page mark it as [[Name of exhibition exhibition material|''Name of exhibition'' exhibition material]] so that the article title is shown in italics but will remain without them for the actual page.

Click the "piece of paper" symbol in the upper right corner of your page and select "Edit Source." In this editing mode, copy the code after the (<hr/>) mark up into the "creating" page to get a head-start on creating your article. An explanation of what goes in each section is in parentheses. You may not need all the sections listed below, they are simply possible variations.

Exhibition material article pages should not have a table of contents. If there are major overarching themes (3-5, say), these can be highlighted to create "jumps" further down into the article. Two categories: Exhibitions and Public programs are necessary for all exhibition articles, but other designators can be used as applicable.

Don't forget to remove the "template" category and any other extraneous elements from your finished article!

You can save a DRAFT of your article by putting {{draft}} as the first word in the article.

Template for exhibition material

This article offers a comprehensive and descriptive list of each piece included in the X, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger. __NOTOC__ (remove the nowiki coding to eliminate the Table of Contents from this article)

Title of section (case # if given)

(Paragraph(s) for section)


(Embedded audio with a brief sentence introduction can be added at the end of any section and before item list)

Items included

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)

Title of section related to more than one case (case #a and case #b)

(Paragraph(s) for section)

Items included

Case #a

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)

Case #b

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)

Title of section where subsections have specific item lists (case # if given)

(Paragraph(s) for section)

Subsection A (case # if given)

(Paragraph(s) for section, if any)

Items included

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)

Subsection B (case # if given)

(Paragraph(s) for section, if any)

Items included

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)

Additional items exhibited

(If any items are not listed with a particular case, but are known to have been exhibited (through Hamnet for example), they can be listed here. Please add a statement describing how items are ordered.)

  • (Bulleted list of items, with no space between items)