List of books owned by Edward Gwynn

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One of Henry Folger's most prized possessions, the book he chose to hold in his portrait by Frank Salisbury that hangs in the Reading Room, is the collection of Shakespeare plays usually referred to as the "Pavier Quartos" and bound in calfskin with "EDWARD GWYNN" stamped on the front cover in gold leaf.

The following is a list of books, now held in various libraries, once owned by Edward Gwynn. The books are organized by holding library.

Books held at the Folger Shakespeare Library

The general book of oaths both ancient and modern [manuscript], ca. 1630. shelfmark V. b. 130. catalogue record

Pharos Politicvs Dvplex. Coloniae Agrippinae : Excudebat Matthæus Smitz, 1625. shelfmark 267225.2 catalogue record

A theological and philosophical treatise of the nature and goodnesse of salt. London: Felix Kingston for Richard Boyle, 1612. shelfmark STC 24233 catalogue record

Jacob Christmann, Tractatio geometrica. Francofurti: Ex officina Palthenia : Sumtibus Petri Kopfij, MDXCV [1595]. shelfmark 191- 755.2q catalogue record

Jacob Christmann, Epistola chronologica ad clarissimum virum Iustum Lipsium. Francofurti: Apud Io. Wecheli relictam viduam : Sumtibus Petri Kopffij, MDXCIII [1593]. shelfmark 191- 755.3q catalogue record

John Davis, The world's hydrographical description. London: Thomas Dawson, 1595. shelfmark STC 6372 catalogue record

Edward Edwards, The analysis of chyrurgery, being the theorique and practique part thereof. London: Thomas Harper, 1636. shelfmark STC 7511 catalogue record

Archaionomia, siue, De priscis anglorum legibus libri. Londini: Ex officina Ioannis Daij, an. 1568. shelfmark STC 15142 copy 2 catalogue record