Heather Wolfe

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute. Heather's contributions to life at the Folger are particularly numerous and this list should be viewed as incomplete at this moment.

Scholarly Programs

Faculty, EMDA 2017 (NEH Seminar, 2017)

Faculty, Early Modern Digital Agendas: Advanced Topics (NEH Seminar, 2015)

Director, Advanced Early Modern English Paleography (Workshop, 2014–2015; 2015-2016)

Director, English Paleography (Mellon Summer Institute in Vernacular Paleography, 2013–2014; 2009–2010; 2006–2007) Faculty, Early Modern Digital Agendas 2013 (NEH Seminar, 2013)

Director, Teaching Paleography (Workshop, 2009–2010)

Additionally, Heather has led a number of introductory skills courses in paleography:

Introduction to Early Modern English Paleography (2018–2019; 2017–2018;2011–2012; 2010–2011); Early Modern English Paleography (2007–2008); Paleography Refresher Course (2006–2007); and Renaissance Paleography in England (2005–2006).


Curator of Manuscripts

Primary Investigator, Early Modern Manuscripts Online


Co-curator (with Nigel Ramsay), Symbols of Honor: Heraldry and Family History in Shakespeare's England (Jul 1–Oct 26, 2014)

Co-curator (with 13 others), The Curatorial Eye: Discoveries from the Folger Vault (June 13, 2009–August 29, 2009)

Co-curator (with Peter Stallybrass and Michael Mendle) Technologies of Writing in the Age of Print (September 28, 2006–February 17, 2007)

Co-curator (with Alan Stewart), Letterwriting in Renaissance England (November 18, 2004–April 2, 2005)

Co-curator (with Erin Blake and Frank Mowery) Word & Image: The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 (January 23, 2004–May 22, 2004)

Curator, The Pen's Excellencie (February 6, 2002–June 8, 2002).


Heather's contributions to The Collation are numerous and can be found here.