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[[Folger Institute]] short-term fellows for the 2019–2020 year. See [[previous Folger Institute short-term fellows]] for a multi-year list of previous fellows.
[[Folger Institute]] short-term fellows for the 2020–2021 year. See [[previous Folger Institute short-term fellows]] for a multi-year list of previous fellows.
[[Faith Acker]], Adjunct Professor of English, Northern Virginia Community College
''Servants and Tradesmen in English Renaissance Poetry and Culture (1600-1660)''
[[Morayo Akandé]], Director, Writer, and Producer, Lucid Dreamers Productions and
[[Moyo Akandé]], Producer, Lucid Dreamers Productions
''1745: A Full-Length Feature Film''
SSEMW Fellows, Artists-in-Residence
[[Patricia Akhimie]], Associate Professor of English, Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University-Newark
''Editing Shakespeare's Othello''
[[Carolyn Arena]], NEH Postdoctoral Fellow, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
''Yarico's Caribbean: Indigenous Trade‚ Diplomacy‚ and Enslavement 1400-1700''
[[Farid Azfar]], Associate Professor of History, Swarthmore College
''At Peace with Slavery: White Supremacy and the Spirit of the Asiento''
[[Elad Carmel]], Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
''Politics of Reason: Ideas and Identities of Freethinking in Eighteenth-Century England''
[[Ruma Chopra]], Professor of History, San Jose State University
''Between God and Darwin: Early Modern Transitions in Understandings about Climate''
NACBS-Folger Fellow
[[Thomas Colville]], Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
''The Seventeenth-Century Fair: An Intellectual Experience''
[[Christopher D’Addario]], Associate Professor of English, Gettysburg College
''Urban Aesthetics and the Invention of the Metaphysical''
[[Natalya Din-Kariuki]], Early Career Fellow, Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and Stipendiary Lecturer in English, University of Oxford
''Noting‚ Knowing‚ Writing: English Travellers and their Notes‚ 1550-1700''
[[Katherine Gillen]], Associate Professor of English and Associate Chair of the Department of Arts & Humanities, Texas A&M University‚ San Antonio
''Race‚ Rome‚ and Early Modern Drama: The Whitening of England and the Classical World''
[[John Gouws]], Professor Emeritus, Rhodes University
''Oxford Edition Fulke Greville's Literary Works and Letters''
[[Dawn Hoffman]], Independent Artist
''Hooked on Book furniture; Clasps, Corners and Center Medallions; Materials and Techniques used in the Past, how to recreate them in the Present''
[[Bikang Huang]], Professor of English, Peking University
''Shakespearean Appropriation of Classical Chinese Plays in Translation''
[[Shannon Kelley]], Associate Professor of English, Fairfield University
''Wounded Trees and the Poetics of Trauma''
[[Emily King]], Assistant Professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, Louisiana State University
''Second Acts: Reanimation in the English Renaissance''
[[Jeffrey Knight]], Associate Professor of English, University of Washington
''Shakespeare's Books''
[[Alice Leonard]], Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford
''Correcting Shakespeare's Errors''
[[Lauren MacDonald]], Independent Researcher
''Atlantic Reformations‚ 1555-1620''
Omohundro-Folger Fellow
[[Joseph Mansky]], Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature, Bard College
''Seeds of Sedition: Libels, Plays, and the Early Modern Public Sphere''
RSA Fellow
[[Emily Mayne]], Visiting Research Associate, University of East Anglia
''Hydras at Court: Networking Religion and Mythology in the Edwardian Revels''
[[William Miller]], Assistant Professor of English, University of Rochester
''The Enthusiast: From Prophecy to Enlightenment in Seventeenth-Century England''
[[Bénédicte Miyamoto]], Associate Professor (Maitre de Conférences), Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
''Drawing Manuals: Portrait of the Artist as a Reader''
[[Yelda Nasifoglu]], Associate member of the History Faculty, University of Oxford
''Circulation of mathematical books in early modern Britain: evidence from personal collection‚ bookseller and auction catalogues''
[[Noémie Ndiaye]], Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago
''Early Modern Intersections of Race and Ethnicity''
[[Scott O’Neil]], Adjunct Professor of English, St. John Fisher College and SUNY Brockport
''The Players' Post''
[[Katherine Reinhart]], Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
''Images for the King: Art, Science, and Power in Louis XIV's France''
RSA-Kress Fellow
[[Suparna Roychoudhury]], Associate Professor of English, Mount Holyoke College
''The Cunning Renaissance: Literature‚ Technicity‚ Intelligence''
[[John Saillant]], Professor of English, Western Michigan State University
''Food Gifts in Eighteenth-Century Interracial Situations''
[[Kathryn Santos]], Assistant Professor of English, Trinity University
''Babelian Performances: Early Modern Interpreters and the Theatricality of Translation''
[[Jonathan Sawday]], Walter J. Ong S.J. Chair in the Humanities and Professor of English, Saint Louis University
''Print‚ Space‚ and Void:  Absence and Emptiness in Early-Modern English Literature''
[[Betty Schellenberg]], Professor of English, Simon Fraser University
''Reader Creations: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Verse Miscellanies''
[[Kathryn Schwarz]], Professor of English, Vanderbilt University
''The Transient Renaissance: Contagion, Communion, and Ethical Risk''
[[Drew Thomas]], Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of St. Andrews
''Counterfeiting Luther: Fraud in the Reformation Book Trade''
[[Constantine Vassiliou]], Course Instructor, University of Toronto
''Back to the Future of Financial Crises: Public Institutions in the Context of the South Sea 'Bubble' in England''
[[Rachel Weil]], Professor of History, Cornell University
''Mere Detention: Custodial Confinement in Early Modern England''
[[Katherine Williams]], Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto
''Global Shakespeare and the Work of Commemoration''
SAA Fellow
[[Matthew Woodcock]], Professor of Medieval and Early Modern English Literature, University of East Anglia
''Robert Barret's Translations of Du Bartas and the Making of an Early Modern Soldier-Poet''

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Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2020–2021 year. See previous Folger Institute short-term fellows for a multi-year list of previous fellows.