An Ephemeris of the Certifiable Causes of the Commission of the Peace from June 1580, X.d.249

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This article features a transcription of a Folger Shakespeare Library manuscript, An Ephemeris of the Certifiable Causes of the Commission of the Peace, X.d.249, (1580-1588) featured in the Age of Lawyers Exhibition, September 12, 2015-January 3, 2016.

This is William Lambarde's signed journal of eight years of his work as justice of the peace in Kent, a note-taking project that he apparently continued in a second volume. This one covers the years from June 1580 to September 1588. The page at left mentions closing an unlicensed alehouse.


Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of Folger manuscript X.d.249. The transcription below was created by the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project. To access an image of the original leaf, click on each transcription's heading.


My father & I ioyned inCertifying our knowledge to the bishop

concerning the good behaviour of margaret Tebold, to be maryed or

Likewise bounde, and with them William page of

shorne gentleman, and Stephen Colte of the same yeoman,

as suerties, in the Like summes, and under the Like


The saied Lord and I, bounde Richard Williams of.

Higham yeoman in .100. marces to his good behavior,

but that was released.

Octob[e]r. The .3. of Octob[er]. my father in Law & I, bound

Walter pelsot aforsaid from keaping an Alehouse

any more: his suerties weare ^Reignold pelsot, Aastelyn and

Nicholas Miller, of Wrotham yeomen.

The .4. octob[er] I certified at the Quarter Sessions

the said recognusances of Walter pelsot, Thomas

Chambers, William Cosine, and Thomas Norham, for

not keeping Alehouses: and the said recognusances

of Iames hawkes, Thomas phigion, and George Colte,

for the keeping of good rule in theire Alehouses: and

the said recognusance of Ihon Sone, for his apparance

aforsaid: the said Walter pelsot, and Ihon Vsiner, of

Wrotham butchers being his suerties: which recognusance

was then forfait by his defalt of apparance.

The 25.Octob[er]. I delyvered to the Lord cheif Baron,

the said Examination of Ihon Sone aforsaid.

My father in law and I intreated Nordashe

of Kemsyng to give over Ale selling, by cause no alehous

had bene kept theare within the memorie of any man.

November The 25. Of Novemb[er ]. I and my father in Lawe took

ordre for the punishment of Ioane pitchefoord of

Seale widow, and Alice Hylles of the same towne,

for the bearing of two bastardes: and for the puni

shement of Thomas Byrd of the said towne Turner,

a Thomas pigeon late of the same towne Turner,

the reputed fathers of the said Bastardes: and accor

ding to that ordre the said Thomas & Alice Weare

sett in a cart at Sennock the next day, and the said

Joane skourged at the same cartes tayle theare: as

for pigeon he was fledd long before: wee then also

tooke .2. obligacions for the releif of that parishe, afor

the keeping of those Bastards. All which appeareth

in the Order or obligacions aforsaid.

The .29. November. my father in law & I, took ordre

for the punishement of Ihon Manser (alias Butcher)

late of Seale, and Ioane pierse of the same, for the

begetting & bearing of a Bastarde mayden chylde: accord

ding to which order the said Ioane was skourged at seale

the said day. as for Ihon he was fledd before, wee

then also tooke an obligacion ofher for the keaping of that


The same day we wrote our Lettres to Sir Thomas Walsing

ham, for the staying of mr Reig[nold] peckam, who was arre=

sted and brought to him by the name of Thom[as] Clarke.

The .30. of Nov[ember] . I ioyned with Sir Thomas Wals=

Ingham, in sending Reignold peckham aboue na=

med to the Lord cheif Baron to london, who

was apprehended in the Watche at footeseray

about .x. of the clock in the morning vpon the

monday before : the partes of this doing appearth

in my papiers of Notes therof.

The .s[ame]. day I served vnder the Lord Cobham, in some smalle

[mat]te[r] of [the] peace, whereof theare is no recorde. I sent (Torn in the left hand corner. Sentence continues on to the next page.)