Fixed fields

Nature of contents: 5, for "calendars"


In general, consider the clause following a short title of author's last name and year as part of the title proper.

245 10 ǂa Perkins, 1643. A new almanacke, and prognostication, for the yeere of our Lord God, 1643 : ǂb being the third from the bissextile or leape-yeere, and from the worlds creation, 5606 : composed and chiefly referred to the meridian of the famous city of London / |c made and set forth by Samuel Perkins, well-willer to the mathematicks.
246 30 ǂa New almanacke, and prognostication, for the yeere of our Lord God, 1643


Use relationship designator ǂe publisher for the Company of Stationers.

Date of publication

Almanacs were typically printed in the autumn preceding their year of calculation. Therefore, imprint dates will usually need to be corrected.

008/06 s
008/07-14 1676bbbb
046  x ǂc 1677
260 London : ǂb Printed by J.D. for the Company of Stationers, ǂd 1677 [i.e. 1676].
500 Almanacs were printed the year preceding the date of calculation. 

Form terms

655 7 Almanacs. ǂ2 rbgenr 
655 7 Ephemerides. ǂ2 rbgenr

Subject headings

  • None, in general.
  • Almanacs with sections containing "Astrological judgments" or similar wording, use subject heading:
650 0 Mundane astrology ǂv Early works to 1800.

Related place

Do not use MARC field 751 for the prime meridien or other associated placenames