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The Wikipedia community encourages experts in the cultural heritage community to edit, enhance, and create Wikipedia articles,[1] and the Folger Shakespeare Library welcomes this opportunity. Guided by resources from the GLAM-Wiki initiative ("galleries, libraries, archives, and museums" working with Wikipedia), Folger staff edit Wikipedia to improve access to information about Shakespeare and the early modern age in the West in keeping with Wikipedia's fundamental principles, known as the Five pillars. For a list of articles that the Folger WikiTeam is interested in, see the discussion page for this article .

There is a Wikipedia category for the Folger. This also provides an overview of Wikipedia articles of interest to the Folger. However, that category should only contain pages related to the Folger itself, and not to Shakespeare or the Early Modern period generally. (For example, the articles on Shakespearean plays or mazarinades would not belong in the category.)


For online resources, see Getting Started for GLAMs and GLAM Beginner's Guide to Wikipedia.

For a printer-friendly guide, see Ally Crockford's Wikimedia GLAM Help Booklet, adapted from training material for National Library of Scotland staff. It is also available as an editable Google Doc that can be customized for local use under a CC BY-SA license.