Warrant from Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington, to Sir Henry Goodricke V.b.333 (20)

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Know all men by these pre​​sents That I th​e​ right
Honor​a​ble​ Richard​ Earle of Burlington​ Constable
and cheife Game keeper of th​e​ Castle & Hennes
of Knaresburghe​ Doe hereby Authorize and
impowre Si​r Henerie Goodricke​ of Ribston​ Knigh​t​
and Barone​t​ aswele to hunt and take Game
wi​th​in th​e​ said Honnor ​As likewise to take and
seize All Greyhounds setting dogs, Guns, netts,
or other​ engines that are destructive to the
Game from all such per​​sons As by th​e​ Law are
not capable to keepe or vse the same wi​th​in
the pre​​cincts thereofe And such as shall be
soe taken or seizd to dispose on according
to Law And for soe doeing this shall bee
his warrant Geeuen vnder my hand and
seale the fowre & twentith day ofe August
In th​e​ nine and twentith yea​re​ of th​e​ Raigne ofe
owr sover​aigne Lor​d King Charles​ th​e​ second​ over
England​ &c Ann​oque​ Domin​e 1677