My real name is Erin Blake, and I'm a Senior Cataloger at the Folger, generally responsible for art and manuscripts.

From 2000 to 2014, I was Curator of Art & Special Collections at the Folger, which means I was responsible for the care and development of non-book and non-manuscript collections. This included things like prints, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, ephemera (e.g., playbills, programs, theater tickets), and collectibles (from 18th-century porcelain figurines of actors and actresses to 21st-century plastic action figures and Lego mini-figs of Shakespeare). I hold a Ph.D. in Art History from Stanford University, so that position made sense with my educational credentials, but what I really love is cataloging. In 2014, I became Head of Collection Information Services at the Folger, responsible for the online catalog (among other things). In September 2018, I happily returned to working hands-on with the collection, as a senior cataloger in the newly-created Collection Description and Imaging group.