The Tempest (2022)

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Nate Dendy as Ariel, Megan Graves as Miranda, and Eric Hissom as Prospero in The Tempest at Round House Theatre. Photo by Scott Suchman.

The Tempest (2022)

Round House Theatre produced William Shakespeare's The Tempest, directed by Aaron Posner and Teller, in collaboration with Folger Theatre, from November 23, 2022 to January 29, 2023.


Entertainment unions represented in Folger Theatre productions include The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (**), United Scenic Artists (***), and the Actors' Equity Association (*), which includes members of the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.


  • Manny Arciniega: Vulcan/Percussion
  • Ro Boddie*: Ferdinand
  • Nate Dendy*: Ariel
  • Megan Graves*: Miranda
  • Lizzie Hagstedt*: Iris/Vocals/Accordion/Bass Understudy
  • Richard R. Henry*: Trinculo
  • Eric Hissom*: Prospero
  • Naomi Jacobson*: Gonzala
  • Kevin Mambo*: Sebastian
  • Hassiem Muhammad*: Caliban/A Mariner
  • Cody Nickell*: Antonio/Prospero Understudy
  • Kate Eastwood Norris*: Stephano
  • Ian Riggs: Saturn/Bass/Vocals
  • KenYatta Rogers*: Alonso
  • Ryan Sellers*: Caliban/A Mariner
  • Kanysha Williams: Juno/Vocals/Percussion/Accordion Understudy

Creative Team

  • Aaron Posner**: Co-Director and Co-Adaptor
  • Teller: Co-Director and Co-Adaptor
  • Daniel Conway***: Scenic Designer
  • Sarah Cubbage***: Costume Design
  • Thom Weaver***: Lighting Design
  • Andre Pluess***: Sound Design
  • Liz Filios*: Music Director
  • Shaina Taub: Original Music Director and Arranger
  • Matt Kent: Choreographer
  • Renée Jaworski: Choreographer
  • Andrea "Dre" Moore: Props Coordinator
  • Nate Dendy*: Magic Consultant
  • Ryan Phillips: Magic Coordinator
  • Sarah Cooney: Casting Director
  • Naysan Mojgani: Dramaturg
  • Helen Aberger: Intimacy Choreographer
  • Che Wernsman*: Production Stage Manager
  • Samantha Wilhelm*: Assistant Stage Manager


  • Patrick Donoughe: Trinculo Understudy
  • Jordan Essex: Ferdinand/Sebastian Understudy
  • Nicholas Gerwitz: Antonio/Stephano Understudy
  • Joshua Cole Lucas: Caliban Understudy
  • Ryan Phillips: Ariel Understudy
  • Emma Abigail Wallach*: Miranda/Rough Magic Understudy
  • Jacqueline Youm*: Gonzala/Alonso Understudy

Production Team

  • Thomas Nagata: Production Assistant
  • Chris Hall: Light Board Operator
  • Sydney Bronaugh: Wardrobe Head
  • Abbey Wasserman: Wardrobe/Makeup Crew
  • Delaney Bray: A1-Sound Mixer
  • Alistair Edwards: A2-Sound Crew
  • Kristop Rosario: Spotlight Operator
  • Kira Kerr: Deck Crew/Wardrobe
  • Dante Fields: Deck Crew
  • Sarah Greenberg: Swing Crew
  • Ilana Simon-Rusinowitz, Cassandra Saulski: Light Board Programmers
  • Jack Moxley, Gerardo Soriano, Michael Tsaltas: Carpenters
  • David Cockerham, Lila Cooper, Blake Mihm, Gray Walters: Painters
  • Zavar Blackledge, Sarah Mackowski, Hayley Parnel, Ilana Simon-Rusinowitz, Cassandra Saulski, Danielle Shaw: Electricians
  • Dennis Kitmore: Lead Draper/Cutter
  • Amanda Geyer: First Hand
  • Ed Dawson, Mary Taylor: Tailors
  • Cidney Forkpah, Maureen McNary: Stitchers
  • Johns Hopkins Rehab Network Performing Arts Specialists, Leigh A. Roberts, PT, DPT; Monique Deluca, PT, DPT; Andrea Lasner, PT, DPT: Physical Therapists

Round House Theatre

Folger Theatre

  • Karen Ann Daniels, Artistic Director
  • Beth Emelson, Director of Producing
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Production Manager
  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director
  • Rhiannon Sanders: Interim Assistant Technical Director
  • Chanel Johnson, Company Manager
  • Cidney Forkpah, Wardrobe Manager
  • Heather Newhouse, Patron Services Manager
  • Danica Zielinski-Natter, Lead House Manager
  • Brittany Brown, Lead Box Office Associate

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Photos by: Scott Suchman


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