Some features of TIND's MARCXML don't play well with standard MARCXML and vice versa. This article describes the changes that need to be made in a text editor after converting to MARC21XML in MarcEdit, or before uploading to MarcEdit as MARC21XML. See also TIND batch upload from MARCXML.

TIND's MARCXML requirements

  • Use "000" instead of "leader" or "LDR"
  • Spaces in control fields must be replaced with a backslash
  • Delete MARC 005 before attempting to replace records on 035 match
Examples of replacements
<leader> </leader> <controlfield tag="000"> </controlfield>
<marc:leader> </marc:leader> <marc:controlfield tag="000"> </controlfield>
Leader: 03252cam a22005174i 4500 Leader: 03252cam\a2200517\i\4500
006: m o d 006: m\\\\\o\\d\\\\\\\\
007: cr un|---uuuuu 007: cr\un|---uuuuu
008: 141025s2009 maub gob 00| p eng d 008: 141025s2009\\\\maub\\\gob\\\\00|\p\eng\d