Shakespeare from Globe to Global visiting faculty

Visiting faculty and topics for the NEH Summer Institute: Shakespeare from the Globe to the Global (seminar). For more past programming from the Folger Institute, please see the article Folger Institute scholarly programs archive. For more past programming from the Center for Shakespeare Studies, please visit the Center for Shakespeare Studies program archive.

Part One: Shakespeare in the Globe

History in the Globe, The Globe in History

Coppélia Kahn (Professor of English, Brown University)

Peter Lake (University Distinguished Professor of History, and Professor of the History of Christianity, Divinity School, Vanderbilt University)

Imagining Boundaries: Nation and Plantation

Bernhard Klein (Professor of English, and Head of School, University of Kent)

Kim F. Hall (Lucyle Hook Professor of English and Director of Africana Studies, Barnard College)

Beyond the Boundaries

Alison Games (Dorothy M. Brown Distinguished Professor of History, Georgetown University)

Mary Floyd-Wilson (Associate Professor of English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Part Two: Global Shakespeare

Shakespeare in/as Empire

Graham Bradshaw (Honorary Professor of English and Fine Arts, University of Queensland)

Jyotsna Singh (Professor of English, Michigan State University)

Shakespeare in the Contemporary World

John Gillies (Professor of Literature, University of Essex)

Mark Thornton Burnett (Professor of Renaissance Studies, Queen’s University Belfast)

Thomas Cartelli (Class of 1932 Research Professor of English, Muhlenberg College)

Katherine Rowe (Chair and Professor of English, Bryn Mawr College)