Romeo and Juliet (Folger Theatre, 1997)

Folger Theatre produced William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, directed by Joe Banno, from November 14 to December 14, 1997.

Promotional poster, Romeo and Juliet, 1997. Concept and design by Adworks.

The Production

Joe Banno, the production's director, Holly Twyford, in the role of Juliet, and Scott Burgess, the production's sound designer, each won a Helen Hayes Award, for "Outstanding Director, Resident Play," "Outstanding Lead Actress, Residential Play," and "Outstanding Sound Design, Resident Production," respectively. The production was also nominated for "Outstanding Resident Play."

Entertainment unions represented in Folger Theatre productions include the Actors' Equity Association (*), which includes members of the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers. Equity Membership Candidates are identified with (**).


  • Christopher Borg*: Benvolio
  • Amy Cleveland: Friend of Juliet
  • Jenny Cleveland: Friend of Juliet
  • Rick Foucheux*: Friar Lawrence
  • Annie Houston: Lady Montague
  • Michael Jerome Johnson*: Prince
  • Karyn Kurek: Friend of Juliet
  • Robert Leembruggen**: Lord Montague
  • Cam Magee*: Nurse
  • Alexa McDonnell: Friend of Juliet
  • Johnny Ray Meeks**: Tybalt
  • Peter J. Mendez**: Gregory
  • Megan Morgan*: Lady Capulet
  • Chris Stezin**: Paris
  • Paul Takacs*: Mercutio
  • Michael Tolaydo*: Lord Capulet
  • Holly Twyford*: Juliet
  • Christopher Walker: Peter
  • Edward Baird Wilford: Balthesar
  • John Worley*: Romeo

Creative team

  • William Shakespeare, Playwright
  • Joe Banno, Director
  • Tony Cisek, Scenic Designer
  • Ayun Fedorcha, Lighting Designer
  • Annie Kennedy, Costume Designer
  • Scott Burgess, Original Music and Sound Design
  • Elsie Jones, Properties Designer/Set Dressing
  • Janet Clark*, Stage Manager


Production team

  • Robin Ervin, Assistant Director
  • Molly E. Haws, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Cam Magee, Dramaturg
  • Michael Jerome Johnson, Fight Director
  • Josette Murray Ballo, Vocal Coach
  • Brette Goldstein, Casting Director
  • Carl Shorter, Master Electrician/Technical Adviser
  • Anna Soderberg, Properties Assistant
  • Ron Figura, Wardrobe
  • Peter Anderson, Sound Board Operator
  • Julie Ahern, Production Assistant
  • Karyn Kurek, Production Assistant
  • Jenny Cleveland, Production Assistant
  • Amy Cleveland, Production Assistant
  • Alexa McDonnell, Production Assistant
  • Walter Berry, Set Construction
  • Bill Fecke, House Management
  • David Peters, House Management

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Director of Museum and Public Programs
  • Garland Scott; Associate Producer

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