Relinking records in Voyager

Ambox notice.png This page refers to the Voyager ILS, an Ex Libris product used at the Folger from 1996 to 2022.

For current documentation on using the catalog, see Category:Catalog.
For current documentation on staff use of the ILS, see Category:TIND ILS.

This article describes how to move holding records and PO line items from one bibliographic record to another. Typically this is done so that a duplicate bib record can be deleted.


In earlier releases of Voyager, it was not possible to relink a line item to a different bib record. As a result, many suppressed records have a cataloger's note saying "SUPPRESSED IN FAVOR OF..." followed by a Bib ID. As part of database maintenance, the line items linked to the suppressed Bib records are being re-linked to the 'favored' record.

Relinking a holding and/or item record to a different bib and/or holding record

In the cataloging module:

  • Open the holding record you want to move.
  • Select "Record" > "Relink holding to bibliographic" (Alt - r - r)
  • Enter the bib ID of the target record in the "Enter the new bib id" box (copy-and-paste whenever possible to avoid typos!)
  • Select "OK"

If you get the error message "Unable to unlink the following bib records because they are linked to puchase order line items" you must first relink the line item, as described in the next section.

Relinking a purchase order to a different bib record

  • Open the line item (in Cataloging: Ctrl-m or Record > View line items in Acquisitions)
  • On the "Bib Record" tab, click the "Change Bib Record" button
  • Search for and open the bibliographic record you want to link to
    • Note: because Voyager can only show three columns (currently Author, Title, Imprint) it can be hard to know you're picking the right record if more than one comes up (Click the "MARC" button in the "Titles Index" window to take a peek at the bib record you've highlighted)
    • If you select the bib that's already associated with that line item, you'll get the error "You have selected the same bib. Please select a different bib" so unless more than two can't be differentiated, you'll be fine
  • Click "OK"
  • Select "Delete Current Holdings" if all needed local information has been copied to the "good" record
  • Click inside the "New Holdings" column to display the ellipsis button
  • Click the ellipsis button
  • Click "Re-Link" (or click "MARC" first to take a peek at the full holding record you'll be linking to)
  • Click "Save"
  • Click "OK"

Note: A completed PO line item cannot be linked to additional bibliographic records, just moved. If one bib is replaced by multiple new bibs (e.g., a serial record with very incomplete Folger holdings replaced with records for two or three individual issues), contact Acquisitions; they will make an identical PO line item to be linked to the additional record(s).