Newdigate family collection of newsletters

Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of single newsletter page from the large Newdigate family collection of newsletters 1673-1715. This transcription was originally completed as a part of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

Transcription L.c.2102

London June 18th 92​
Lette​rs​ from Barnestable ​^of the14th​ say that severa​ll
​ Sea men are come in there being -
those that belonged to th​e​ heart Ketch
and and th​e​ other vessells taken by th​e​
ffrench as in my Last, and say the
Capt of th​e​ said Ketch made a vigo
rous Resistance but was killd in th​e​
ffallmouth​ Lette​rs of th​e s​ame date
say that wi​th​ in these 10 dayes above 20
Coasters are fallen into the ffrench hands
Yesterday divers tradeing mer
chants to th​e​ Newfoundland​ attended a
Cour​te of Councill in order to receiue
an Answer to th​e​re Peticon for a Convoy
to th​e​re ship goeing thither & were told
it would be answered & speedily considered
A great many of th​e​ 100 Sea
men tha​​t goe in th​e​ well boats are already
gon doun the River for Portsmo​uth​​
Two ships Laden wi​th​ Hay
of 300 Arms each sailed yesterday from
Greenwich​ & are to saile in th​e​ descent
& 20 transport ships are arrived att
Portsmo​uth​​ from Beddeford​ for tha​t​ end
Yesterday the 30 ffr deserters
tha​t​ came over in th​e​ Last Pacquet boat
from Holland​ marched to th​e​re Quarters
at Uxbridge​
Coll Hayles​ and th​e​ rest of th​e​
officers who were admitted to Baile at th​e​
Kings Bench bar were by order of the Duke​ of​
Linster​ theire Gener​all confined to theire
[Note: the following is written vertically, down in the left margin and does not continue the narrative of the earlier text on this page.]​
Garison of Charleroy​ has taken 5 mules Laden wi​th​ money going to th​e​ ffr. Army as alsoe
a 2n​d Convoy of 250 wagons wi​th​ oates meale &c I am assured from a Great &
credible laud abou​t​ the King th​a​t​ if it pleases God to give his Maies​ti​e success either by beat
ing th​e​ ffrench or th​a​t​ they raise th​e​ siege of th​e​m selves to Leave the further p​er​secucon
of th​e​ Campaigne to th​e​ Conduct of the duke​ of Bavarea ​And head th​e​ descent into th​e​
Bowells of ffrance​ -this after noon th​e​ Queen had advice that our ffleet being th​e​r