Music of the Spheres

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Folger Consort performed Music of the Spheres in the Gallery and the Elizabethan Theatre on June 3rd and June 4th, 1979. The term "music of the spheres" (or musica mundana) refers to the celestial harmonies of the heavenly bodies in their movements across the sky. Music written for the choir is the closest Renaissance style to the exalted concept of music of the spheres.


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

  • Robert Eisenstein: viols
  • Christopher Kendall: lute
  • Warren Luther: viols
  • Scott Reiss: recorders

Guest Artists

  • Anna Monoyios: Soprano
  • Dennis Godburn: Renaissance Winds
  • The Choir of the National Shrine
    • Robert Shafer: Director
    • Sopranos
      • Patricia Scott
      • Lynn Koerbel
      • Margaret Dolan
      • Katherine Wilgus
      • Giselle Trainor
      • Judith Borden
    • Tenors
      • Patrick Jacobson
      • Stanley Cornett
      • William George
      • Guy Manning
      • Steven Brown
      • Dale Griffa
    • Altos
      • Frances Vaughan
      • Kymberly Martin
      • Martha Hubbard
      • Carolyne Sonnen
      • Nancy Prestipino
      • Gwenaelle Marston
    • Basses
      • Jeffrey Patch
      • Fred Griffin
      • Joseph O'Donnell
      • Ash Chappell
      • Paul Klingenberg
      • Loren Jacobson