Music for the Last Raj (2022)

Folger Consort performed "Music for the Last Raj" from September 23 – 25, 2022 at St. Marks on Capitol Hill.


Serfoji II, King of Tanjore from 1798-1832, was a uniquely enthusiastic patron and supporter of the arts and sciences. During his reign, classical South Indian Carnatic music flourished and his court featured regular performances of music brought to India by British colonists, including scores by Handel and Corelli. A lover of both traditions, Serfoji experimented with ensembles of European and Indian instruments playing in hybrid styles, and introduced western instruments to Carnatic performance practice. The Folger Consort's performances, with musicians from both traditions, will present Carnatic music from Tanjore, speculative ‘cross-overs’, as well as European music from Serfoji’s library.


Jessica Beebe: Soprano

Risa Browder: Violin

Robert Eisenstein: Artistic Director

Christopher Kendall: Artistic Director

Leslie Nero: Violin

Saraswathi Ranganathan: Veena

Sruti Sarathy: Violin, Voice

Larry Schipull: Harpsichord

Abhinav Seetharaman: Mridangam (Sep 24)

Praveen Sparsh: Mridangam (Sep 23 & 25)