Monteverdi in Venice: The Birth of the Baroque (2020)

Folger Consort did not perform this Consort. The performance was cancelled do to COVID-19.

Monteverdi In Venice.jpg

Just as Beethoven is the giant figure presiding over the transition from the Classical to the Romantic, Monteverdi is the great composer standing astride the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque, the new style dedicated above all to moving the passions of the listener. Heard here were supposed Monteverdi's madrigals, selections from his operas, as well as his rousing setting of Torquato Tasso's Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, first performed in Venice in 1624.


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

Robert Eisenstein: Viol

Christopher Kendall: Lute

Guest Artists

Marcello Mazzetti: Voice, Instruments

Livio Ticli: Voice, Instruments