Mazarinades cataloging project

In fall 2016, Mazarinades in the Folger collection that were previously only noted by check-marking the Acquisitions Office copies of the standard bibliographies were cataloged in Hamnet as part of an intern project. We started at call number DC124 .M831 Cage because single pamphlets with Moreau numbers up to and including 830 have been listed in a separate FileMaker Pro database, making them lower priority for electronic description.

Voyager instructions

  • Initial set-up: Options > Preferences > Folders/Files >
    • Templates > Bib: > L:\mazarinades project\mazarinadebib.tem
    • Work Files > Bib: > L:\mazarinades project\mazarinades.bib
  • To create a blank MARC field: put the cursor in the field immediately above where the new field should go and press the F4 key (shortcut for "insert blank field below"), or immediately below where the new field should go and press the F3 key (shortcut for "insert blank field above").
  • Create a new subfield by pressing the F9 key then the number or letter of the subfield; the system automatically inserts the space after it.)
  • Save the record to your Workfile
  • Make a 599 with your initials saying "Done" when the record is ready to be reviewed by the project supervisor

MARC records

Fixed fields

008 Click the 008 button to fill in date type and date; for undated Mazarinades provide an appropriate date range (assume between 1648 and 1661 when the date isn't readily known)

Variable fields

100 1 $a Author name from Authority File if known (omit the 100 field if author unknown), $d author dates, $e author.
245 x x $a Transcribed title / $c statement of responsibility if present (if not, omit "/" at end of $a).
246 3 $a Additional titles for alternative spellings (omit initial article)
246 1 $i Moreau title: $a Add Moreau title (omit initial article)
260 $a Transcribed or supplied place : $b Transcribed publisher, $c transcribed or supplied date, end with ] instead of a period if the date is supplied, use [between 1648 and 1661] as the default when a more specific date cannot readily be supplied.
300 $a Pagination ; $c height rounded up to nearest cm followed by format (in parentheses); if illustration(s) present make it instead $a Pagination : $b ill. ; $c height cm (format)
500 $a Add note on authorship for anonymous works: Published anonymously; author unknown. or Published anonymously; by ____.
500 $a Add a note explaining the supplied date, if necessary, with Published between the start of the Fronde and the death of Cardinal Mazarin. as the default; combine with the authorship note if applicable, e.g. Published anonymously between the start of the Fronde and the death of Cardinal Mazarin; author unknown.
500 $a Note the location of a printing privilege, if any, e.g. Printing privilege on title page.
500 $a Signatures: Add signature statement.
500 $a Description of differences from nearest Moreau number, if not an exact match.
510 4 $a Moreau, C. Bibliographie des mazarinades, $c Add Moreau number, if exact match; if not, omit the 510 field
583 (Cataloger initials, project, and date supplied by the template)
585 Add a 585 Exhibition history note if an exhibition history slip is present.
599 $a Local staff-only note to communicate between project team members or to note something for your own future reference. These notes are deleted before the record is saved to Hamnet.
600 1 0 $a Mazarin, Jules, $d 1602-1661.
651 0 $a France $x History $y Louis XIV, 1643-1715.
651 0 $a France $x Politics and government $y 1643-1715.
655 7 $a Pamphlets. $2 aat
655 7 $a Mazarinades. $2 rbgenr
655 7 $a Libelles. $2 aat
700 1 $a Last name, First name, $d dates, $e publisher.
700 1 $a Last name, First name, $d dates, $e former owner. $5 DFo
752 $a France $d City, using authorized form of the name. $2 naf
852 0 $b DeckC-Rare $h DC124 $i .M add appropriate number immediately after the "M" Cage $j 143966 $z Copy-specific information, including annotations. See below for details.
Always note the following in 852$z, when applicable (see MARC 852 local note in Folgerpedia for more examples).
  • Imperfections affecting the text, prefaced by Imperfect: (e.g. "Imperfect: title page lacking" or "Imperfect: trimmed with loss of text")
  • Annotations
  • Binding or lack thereof, e.g. "stab sewn in original blue paper wrappers" or "disbound"
  • "Untrimmed" if natural deckle edges are still present ("Unopened and untrimmed" in the rare event that the fold at the top hasn't been trimmed off)
  • Damage beyond normal wear from years of use
  • Provenance, e.g. library stamps