MARC 377 Associated Language

MARC field 377 in the authority format contains codes for languages associated with persons, corporate bodies, families, works, and expressions. This field is repeatable. (Field 377 is also authorized for the bibliographic format for unusual circumstances not encountered in Folger cataloging, and is therefore not represented here.

Commonly-used tags

1st: Undefined

MARC language code (indicator left blank)

Subfield delimiters
ǂa Language code (R)

Policy and formulation

Authority data

  • Give MARC language codes for languages used by the entity described.
  • Only assign language codes for entities responsible for textual content. Do not use this field for artists or printmakers, for example.
  • Assign language codes to both personal and corporate headings.
  • For translators, assign only codes for the language translated into


377  eng ǂa lat

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